Q&A with Kenny Cooper

Red Bulls forward Kenny Cooper, whose 13 goals lead the club in scoring, spoke with NewYorkRedBulls.com following the team’s practice session at Red Bull Arena Thursday afternoon to discuss the recent match against Tottenham, Friday's match against the Dynamo and the addition of MLS newcomer Tim Cahill. What were your overall impressions from the match against Tottenham? It’s always great to have an opportunity to go up against a club that has so much history, tradition, and success. They’re playing at a very high level with very talented players, so it’s a great opportunity to have a chance to play against them. In the match you scored on a penalty kick, can you take us through what your routine was for the PK? Well, for that particular one, I may have waited and I think Gomes may have gone the opposite way. So, I was lucky [laughs]. The Houston Dynamo is the only other side with an unbeaten record at home this season, how do you plan on changing that? Houston is a strong team, they’ve had a lot of success in MLS and their coach Dominic Kinnear has done a great job. I think they are a team that has always been strong at home, so hopefully we can go in there and get a win. Obviously, things are really close in the table so to get three points would really be great. With Houston right behind you in the standings, how big of an opportunity is it for you to gain some ground by playing them twice in one week? It’s huge. Any time you play a team in your conference you can take points off a team, which is a huge thing. We’re very close together in the table, so to get points and keep them from getting points would be ideal. The team is heading in the latter part of the season, what are you doing to stay fit and ready? I’m personally a big believer in doing the little things right, whether it’s eating well or getting rest. We have great trainers that take great care of us, so we have a lot of good people looking after us. Personally, I’m just going to be focused on doing the little things right so that for each training session and game I’m ready to go. The end of regular season isn't too far off. As the team is making its push for the postseason and the MLS Cup, what do you think you guys need to focus on as a whole as the year winds down? Hopefully, we can all stay healthy, we’ve been unfortunate with injuries throughout the year. It’s been a good first half of the year and hopefully it will be an even better second half of the season. Hopefully guys that have unfortunately been injured will be with us and we’ll have a strong squad to finish the season off. How do you think Tim Cahill will be able to help this squad down the stretch? You can see his quality in the game against Tottenham. His quality is obvious and I think he did a great job. He picked up our penalty and we’re all really happy he’s here, his resume speaks for itself. He’s come in and he’s been accepted by everyone, we’re really excited that he’s here because he’s a great player.


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