Today's Interactive Zone is Closed

Due to extreme weather conditions expected in the area around game time, the Interactive Zone on Riverbend outside Red Bull Arena will be closed for tonight's match. We apologize for the inconvenience. As a heads up for those traveling out to the Arena tonight, the match will kick off at 8 PM ET, rain or shine. While a majority of the seats provide cover in the event of rain, the following items are permitted through the gates, should you wish to bring them: - You may carry an umbrella into the arena with you, however you can not keep it open during the match. This is strictly for the walk to and from the arena. - You may wear a poncho into the arena. If you do not have one, ponchos are available for purchase inside the Bull Shop Give yourself a little extra time to get to the match tonight, just in case there is flooding in the area or delays on public transportation. Thanks for your cooperation. Now let's get three points tonight!


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