Vote for Viking Army to Win Red Bull FlugTag's People's Choice Award

We all know the Viking Army helps the Red Bulls get wins, now it's time to help the Viking Army get wiiings. The loud and crazy supporters from Red Bull Arena's South Ward are ready to prove that human powered flight is possible with their craft at Red Bull FlugTag, set to take place in Philadelphia this Saturday. As you can see by the picture to the right (and the ones below), they're more than ready to dress the part and send their Flintstone craft soaring through the air. While there is sure to be a number of groups looking to take to the air, there's only one vehicle that should be getting your vote. So be sure to vote for their Flintstones vehicle for the People's Choice Award. Cast your vote for the Viking Army's Flugtag Vehicle by texting "Team3" to 72855. You can vote up to 15 times per mobile device, so get to it and help the Viking Army bring home some hardware! Here are some other great pics of the building process, courtesy of Viking Army:


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