Fan Appreciation: Win Great Prizes on Twitter All Week Long

Saturday is Fan Appreciation Day at Red Bull Arena. While we already have a bunch of great giveaways and prizes ready for Saturday’s match against Sporting Kansas City, we want to spread the love on Twitter as well.

As a thank you to all our fans who followed us on Twitter throughout the season, we’re offering up some sweet prizes all week long, starting Tuesday and running through the end of the day Friday.

Twice a day we’ll have something up for grabs. Your entry may be a simple act like using a special hashtag or retweeting a message. Or maybe we’ll test your Red Bulls trivia. Either way, you’ll want to follow us on Twitter if you aren’t already – because if you aren’t following us and you're selected as a winner, we can’t contact you directly to get your information. With no information we can’t send you the prize. And nobody wants that to happen. So make sure you follow us to make it easy for everyone.

We’d give you a list of the prizes up for grabs, but that would just take away the fun of it. So you’ll need to keep checking our Twitter feed all week long to see what's up.

Of course, if you’d like to take in the Fan Appreciation Day events at Red Bull Arena, all you have to do is visit Red Bulls Ticket Central to pick up your tickets to Saturday’s 7pm kick off, or call 877.RB.SOCCER.