Fans Urged to Take Caution When Traveling to Red Bull Arena for Tonight's Match Against D.C. United

As always, your safety on any match day is our biggest concern. Given the potential storm leading up to tonight's match, we ask that you take extra precautions when coming to Red Bull Arena.

Per the decision made by MLS, the game is still scheduled to go as planned at 8pm tonight.

We explored several different additional transportation options to help get you to the arena; options that would make it easier for fans from all parts of New Jersey and New York, to get to tonight's match. With your safety being our biggest concern, we had to pass on most of them.

The safest and best option to get to Red Bull Arena tonight is to take NJ Transit to Newark Penn from NY Penn and NJ transit lines. We doubled the number of shuttles from the station to the game, with all shuttles running two hours before the match and one hour after. Another option is your own vehicle, though if you do drive, please use caution. All of our parking lots are open, save for the gravel lot in front of Red Bull Arena.

The winner tonight advances to the Eastern Conference Finals. It's a must-win situation. And we want you in the building to cheer on the team as they take on D.C. United at 8pm. But most importantly we want you to make it to Red Bull Arena AND home safely.

Give yourself some extra time to get here safe and sound.