Red Bulls Pre-Game Tailgate at Lilly O'Brien's (Saturday, Apr. 20)

Have plans to take the PATH in for Saturday’s match between the Red Bulls and Revolution? Why not start your evening off with a trip to our MLS Pub Partner, Lilly O’Brien’s, located in Tribeca?

Stop by and pre-game/tailgate before taking the PATH over to Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls street team will also be on hand to hook you up with some pre-game entertainment and giveaways before the match.

Plus, Lilly O’Brien’s will have a foursquare deal going down with specials on Red Bull edition cocktails and 50% off select beers.

So come hang out at Lilly O’Brien’s before Saturday’s 7:00 PM match against the Revolution! Check out more info about Lilly O’Brien’s on their webpage, and be sure to check-in on foursquare once you arrive.