This Week's Photo of the Match Winner Is...

This week's Photo of the Match winner, with a grand total of 35.5% of the votes, is "The South Ward," a great shot of the supporters cheering on the Red Bulls during New York's 4-1 win over the Revs Saturday night. The rest of the field rounded out with "BFFs" taking second place (26.84%), "Celebration Time" claiming third place (24.68%), Stampede (10.39%) and "Concentration" (3%).

As usual, the supporters played a huge role in the atmosphere at Red Bull Arena, but prior to the match they played an even greater role when they joined forces with Revolution supporters to honor victims of the Boston tragedy.

During a joint march, Red Bulls and Revolution supporters walked side-by-side in honor of Boston, displaying banners and signs along the way. It was without a doubt a touching moment for everyone involved, as well as those who witnessed it, and a clear indication that passion for different clubs does not supercede compassion for one another.