Top moments of 2013: No. 3

To close out 2013, we asked Red Bulls fans to re-visit the top 10 moments of the season, featuring some of the best plays, games, and performances from the Supporters' Shield championship season. Then we asked you to rank those moments from 1-10.

Many of you answered the call, and now it's time to find out how you voted with the publication of the top three moments.

The No. 3 moment of 2013 is one of the greatest goals in team history, yet it earned its spot by a whisker ahead of the fourth-place finisher, emphasizing how special last season was for the club. While Tim Cahill's goal just eight seconds into the match against Houston put up a heck of a fight, the No. 3 moment of the New York Red Bulls' 2013 season is Thierry Henry's bicycle kick against Montreal back on May 8. His unforgettable overhead finish from a corner kick was cited by Red Bulls analyst Shep Messing as a potential 'Goal of the Decade' option, and it certainly was one of the finest moments of the year.

Re-live Henry's classic from all the angles:

Check back on Wednesday for the No. 2 moment from the 2013 season. And make sure you don't miss a single moment of 2014 with Red Bulls season tickets, on sale now.

Red Bulls Top Moments of 2013:
4. Oct. 20 - Tim Cahill's goal in 8 seconds at Houston
3. May 8 - Thierry Henry bicycle kick goal vs. Montreal
2. ??? - check back on Wednesday
1. ??? - find out on Friday