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Red Bulls Midfielder Tim Cahill Chats With Men In Blazers Podcast

On Wednesday, Red Bulls midfielder Tim Cahill was a guest on the podcast, “Men in Blazers”, with Michael Davies and Roger Bennett. While speaking to Rog and Davo on the Grantland Podcast’s MLS Kick Off Show, Cahill talked about MLS and the growth of the League, the art of heading a ball into the back of the net, and playing at Everton.

When asked about Major League Soccer in the United States and how much it has grown since he joined the Red Bulls in 2012, Cahill explained how it would only continue to grow with superstar players coming to play in the League.

“To me, it’s one of the fastest growing leagues in the world. You see the stature; one of the most impressive things is the grassroots of how many kids, boys and girls, play across the whole of America. With that, you know, you have a foundation with the country. From that, every team owns its own stadium and owns its own training ground. From that, you have a basis that the clubs are very powerful with the backing that they have. The one thing that needs to improve is obviously the football, but that happens over time and when you bring the quality of player in like a Jermain Defoe or a [Michael] Bradley, or a [Clint] Dempsey, or players like that, that will happen.”

Rog and Davo were also amazed with Cahill’s leaping ability and how well he can head the ball into the net for a goal.

“One thing I was good at at a young age was heading the ball and everyone says, ‘how do you head a ball so well?’ and I say I head a ball like someone kicks a ball,” Cahill laughed. “I always try and make sure that I put myself in a position that’s hard to mark and obviously it’s going to be all about the execution at the end of it.”

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