Red Bulls accept Ice Bucket Challenge; help to #StrikeOutALS

Members of the New York Red Bulls took part in the ALS Awareness Ice Bucket Challenge this week in an effort to help strikeout ALS.


The viral video sensation has helped raise over 4 million dollars for the ALS Association since July 29. It all started with homegrown product Connor Lade calling out head coach Mike Petke, Tim Cahill and Bradley Wright Phillips.

Petke and Cahill answered the call after Thursday’s training session and passed along some challenges of their own.

Along with Lade, Petke, Cahill and Wright-Phillips, midfielders Dax McCarty and Eric Alexander also accepted nominations. McCarty, who claimed an allergy to ice water, donated money to the ALS Association. Due to the efforts put forth by players and coaches alike, the New York Red Bulls donated an undisclosed amount of money to the ALS Association. You can add to that total and support a great cause here: