#GrellaGIFS: A collection of Mike Grella's best moments with the Red Bulls

Have you heard? Mike Grella is the Player of the Week!

I know. We’re pumped, too.

The Long Island native was simply electric on Sunday, bagging a brace on Sunday night en route to a 2-0 home win.

It looked something like this.

And this.

But Mike’s been terrorizing MLS defenses for a while now, and he always does so with the trademark flair that earned him the nickname Grelladinho.

He didn’t waste much time introducing himself to Red Bulls fans, scoring his first MLS goal (and the 1000th in club history) in spectacular fashion.

That goal would set the tone for his tenure in New York, as Grella would make a name for himself through his world class finishing ability.

I’m noticing a chip theme here… someone bust out the salsa.

Much better.

Wait a second, why does that game look familiar…

Oh right! That’s the same game that Grella nutmegged Super Frank Lampard en route to assisting Felipe’s goal!

So. Beautiful. Can’t. Stop. Staring!

But our friend Mike is equal-opportunity when it comes to abusing the other teams in New York. Remember when the Cosmos came to town?

Hunter Gorskie was hoping you’d forgotten.

Mike’s got lightening quick feet, and defenses everywhere have put been on notice.

He can also score with the quickness, like that time he set an MLS record for fastest goal ever.

And you can’t talk about Grella’s goals without mentioning this thing of beauty from last season in New England.

Seriously, we don’t talk about this one enough. Different level of skill here.

That goal scoring touch hasn’t faded, as Grella continues to find the back of the net in 2016.

Mind that back post, fam.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, quit sleeping on Grella. Congrats to the Player of the Week!



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