QUOTE SHEET: LA Galaxy 2, New York Red Bulls 2

Post-Game Quotes: Los Angeles 2, New York 2


Quote Sheet Courtesy of LA Galaxy Communications




On if he had ever experienced a game like that:
“No. And it’s hard to swallow because, you know, I’ve got a group of players that’s confused. I’ve got a club that’s confused and that’s where my mind is right now, it’s with those guys. I think we’re all having a hard time understanding how this is happening and why. It’s just going to make us stronger. We’re going to find a way to get stronger. We can’t dwell on it; we just have to understand it. I think it’s obvious for everyone else to see. The whole league is watching tonight. I think everybody can see that it’s painful. It’s painful. But again, we can’t dwell on it or whine about it or make excuses or whatever, but it is perplexing. It is perplexing. It’s confusing and it’s hard to understand.”


On losing the 2-0 advantage:
“We’re ahead 2-0. We also have two guys on crutches. I think the game could have been…I think we could have been a man up in a few moments. But we had to make our third sub at the 46th minute and we’re just fighting like crazy to hang on. And even that being said, there’s calls at the end that could help us really gain an advantage still. But again, I have nothing but pride for my players and the way they poured their hearts and guts into the game. And that’s what makes it difficult to swallow and hard to understand.”


On the goals and nights of Gonzalo Veron and Sean Davis:
We know we have a great roster. We know we have commitment from many players and quality from many players. Even, I’ll say, the guys were wearing the t-shirts that said “Two Teams. One Voice.” for Konrad Plewa who had a stroke on Sunday. This club is great. There’s great talent in the academy, there’s great talent and young players here. There’s great leaders. There’s great leaders within the club. It’s a great place to be. So again, I have nothing but pride for everything that these guys put into it and who we are and what we represent.”




On tonight's game:

“Overall I think we should be happy about our performance because we came to a place where the Galaxy doesn’t lose very often and we put the game on our terms. We played the game we wanted to play and I think we put them under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately in the end, it feels like two points were taken away from us.”

On the goals scored by Sean Davis and Gonzalo Veron:

“Gonzalo [Veron] took the run amazingly well. He is very good at that so I was able to look up and find him. The finish was a 10 out of 10 because it is not easy coming on his left foot and the goalie coming out. Sean Davis takes an amazing first touch. Makes an amazing run in the box and puts the ball in the back of the net like we've seen him do in training a hundred times so I am not surprised on either of those. I am very proud of those guys.”



[Translated from Spanish]


On tonight's game:

“I think in the second half we came out with a different mentality. We came out looking to get back into the game against a tough team. We are a little frustrated that we allowed them to get the tie but I think we gave a good showing at a tough stadium to play at.”


On Sacha Kljestan's performance:

“We know that he is able to provide quality passes. I called for the ball and he sent a perfect pass and was able to put it away but I think that the whole team did a great job.”


On his performance:

“You work during the week to be ready if you are called upon. I came in had to do what was needed and I think it came out well. What is important is that the whole team does great and I think we did against a great rival like the Galaxy.”


On tonight’s result:

“It's what happens to many teams you start to play in the back more trying to protect the lead but that is what we have to do less of. We have to learn to end games better by protecting the ball and moving the ball and playing vertically especially when there are five minutes left in the game but we are happy with our performance in the second half against a great team.”




On tonight's game:

“We need to figure out a way to close out games better but I think we are proud of the performance and some of the character we showed tonight. A lot of early injuries and other guys had to play 90 that weren't expecting to play 90. We had to act tough. The best thing for me was that when we gave up the two goals to go 2-2 we still attacked and we still created some chances and on a different night we probably win that game.”


On the team's character:

“I think this group's identity is that we fight and work hard. We have high energy and we definitely back each other up on the field and I think you saw that tonight. The next guy came on and he was ready and the next guy came on and he was ready. The guys who came off gave everything they had until they got injuries. We stick together as a group it's what we do and that is how we found our success last season and this season.”    




On not seeing games like this often:
“No, you don’t see them very often, but we’ve all been involved in those kind of games.”


On what kind of impression the game left on him:
“Two teams that are trying to play the game. It was pretty good. I think it would have been a shame if we walked off that field losing because over 90 minutes we played pretty well. We certainly made mistakes that cost us, but I think on the night we played well. And we deserved to at least get a point out of that game. I can’t be more pleased with our team and the character they showed at the end of the game to try and get back in it and get a point and maybe three points. Not an easy night. Difficult game. Both teams played real hard. There was some physicality to the game, some speed to the game. I think in the first half we should have come out of the half with at least a goal and that made a difference in the game. And I thought in the second half we started pretty well and conceded the first goal and then obviously the second one looked like it did spell doom for us, but a tremendous effort by our guys. And I thought the players that came into the game, [Baggio] Husidic, [Mike] Magee and [Emmanuel] Boateng did a great job to get us back into the game.”


On Ashley Cole’s goal and performance:
“Big goal. Ashley played pretty well and it’s his second game back since he was out with an injury so I think he’s just going to get better.”


On the impact of Mike Magee in the game:
“Obviously he scored the goal to get us back in the game. He did a good job. Obviously both teams were pretty tired in the last 15-20 minutes of the game and I think fresh legs made the difference certainly. The Red Bulls were a little handicapped with having to burn two substitutions in the first half. The legs of Magee, Husidic and Boateng made a difference.”


On what New York did well:
“They played well, they played hard, they defended well. We didn’t take advantage of a few good chances. They scored the first goal a little bit out of run of play. Hung in there, got the second goal. They did a real good job and then we came back. You’ve got two good teams playing and rarely does a team come back and get a point in a game like this against a team that’s pretty good. Both teams played well, give both teams credit.


On if Gerrard was fouled in the box early on in the game:
“It looked like he got pushed from behind as he was shooting. But do I have a clear view, no, I’m 60-70 yards from the play. That’s what it looked to me, I don’t know if he’s in the box or out of the box. I’d have to look at the tape. It seemed to me it might have been a foul, but whatever.”




On his mindset coming into the game:

“To get some goals. Score, help create. We were obviously losing, so that’s what we needed. [Giovani dos Santos] played [Steven Gerrard] a great ball, and I think every goal I’ve scored this year has been from Steven [Gerrard], so I was happy he was out there.”


On the atmosphere at StubHub Center:

“There was a lot going on.  New York is a fun team. They play attacking soccer and they high press, create chances and have great players. We have some pretty good players, as well, so it generally makes for a lot of excitement.”


On his frustration watching the match:

“I’m not going to say I was frustrated. When you see the guys we have on the field, you believe in them and you know something’s going to happen. Today, luckily it was my turn to pitch in and get a goal. But I’m not sitting on the sidelines frustrated with this group. You know it’s going to turn around at some point.”



On his goal:

With the deflection that came off the Red Bull player, I was just there to take the shot and luckily it went in.”


On the team showing fight:

“I think when the manager Bruce [Arena] brought us in, I think he looked at the hunger and desire, even though for me I wasn’t playing for two years, I still wanted to come here and win. And I’ve always had that in me and the players we signed are the same. So we know if we ever go down in a game, we have the players to dig in and never give up and the quality to score goals.”


On scoring:

“It’s always nice to score. I prefer to clear them off the line, but luckily I got to do both in one game. Of course, on a personal level, it’s nice to score. But it’s more important to come out of the game with a point.”


On the team building off today with so many games coming up:

“It’s nice to be in all competitions. We know Wednesday is going to be another difficult game, especially after today, we used a lot of energy. We have a good squad and I think the players that came in today in the second half did a great job, like [Mike Magee] scoring goals and of course Baggio [Husidic] contributing. So we have a big enough squad to deal with three games in a week. So hopefully, the players that come in can step up and we can hopefully get to our first final.”


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