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Damari Will Return to RB Leipzig; Veron Part of Next Year's Plans

The New York Red Bulls will send Omer Damari back to Red Bull Leipzig, Ali Curtis and Jesse Marsch confirmed on Thursday.

Damari's loan was through the end of the season, so he will head back to New York's sister club in the Bundesliga.

Gonzalo Veron, one of the team's designated players, is in the plans for 2017, Marsch and Curtis said.

"You saw him having some really good performances," Curtis said at the team's final media day. "He had a great performance against the Galaxy in LA, he probably could have drawn another PK, and then you saw towards the end of the season even though he wasn’t a regular and he wasn’t starting, every time he was getting in there he was creating chances and finding opportunities."

Marsch echoed those sentiments.

"I continue to be very optimistic on Gonzalo," the head coach said. "I think I’m still excited about the possibility of what next year could look like. I think different people have now been critical of my decisions on how to use him and when to use him and everything else, and that’s fine, I understand that’s part of the job. 

"What’s important is that the players and the team understands their roles and then understand how to grow within them. I think Gonzalo’s notion of who we are and how to be successful here has grown exponentially as time has gone on. I think that it’s only a matter of time before he really starts to show everything that he’s about."

Veron logged 631 minutes for New York this season in MLS play, scoring three times in 23 games (six starts).


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