Young Players Ready to Adjust to Quick, Technical Pace of Red Bulls Training

The young players in preseason are ready and willing to adjust to the newer, quicker pace of New York Red Bulls training.

"It was very different. College was more laid back," first-round pick Zeiko Lewis said of training. "I’ve got to get used it. I think once we get into games, though, we’ll be more prepared than other teams."

Head Coach Jesse Marsch said the coaches are acutely aware of getting the younger players up to speed.

"It’s important for them to understand quickly how we do things: how we work here and what the environment is like," Marsch said. "I don’t want them to all walk around like they’re afraid of the coaching staff and afraid of being pros, I want them to enjoy this."

Dan Metzger, signed to an MLS deal this week, said that the "high-pace press and game that we like to play shows a lot in our training."

"We try to have good energy, we try to set high standards for them, but we want them to enjoy themselves," Marsch said. "I think that for the most part they’re starting to get that message and, as time goes on, they’ll get more and more comfortable. "

Fellow SuperDraft selection Ethan Kutler echoed Lewis' and Marsch's statements.

"Everyone is very technical here. Everyone is very high energy," the second-round pick said. "Everyone is professional, very focused, but having fun at the same time. "


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