Jesse Marsch
Anne-Marie Sorvin

Marsch: 'We've Got to Have a Chip on Our Shoulder'

Head Coach Jesse Marsch said that his team missed opportunities against Vancouver Whitecaps FC, but the loss will provide something moving ahead for Atlanta United FC.

"I think we’ve got to have a chip on our shoulder a little bit for coming up so short and losing the edge physically," Marsch said on Thursday night. 

Goalkeeper Luis Robles said that he feels "utter disappointment" and knows the team needs to come together when they face Atlanta in the expansion's sides first game.

"I think for this group our biggest challenge is how we can find the right mindset, the right individual performances and the right group performance, that when it comes to the biggest moments, we come out with the victory,” Robles said.

Turning the page to one of the two newest MLS teams, Marsch said the team will have to raise their standard.

"We’ll have to make sure that when we go to Atlanta, that with all the different things that we’ll try to emphasize with what that game will be about, that we’re up to just physically put more into it,” Marsch said.


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