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USL Quote Sheet: Wolyniec, Najem and Bezecourt on #NYvBST

Post-Game Quotes

Red Bulls II 0, Bethlehem Steel FC 2

June 16, 2017


New York Red Bulls II Head Coach John Wolyniec

Q: Overall thoughts on the match?

Wolyniec: “I mean we certainly took steps looking a little more like we want to look and our style of play and putting a lot of energy into the game, you know in that sense I think we did a lot of good things. We give up a goal early in the game and that certainly changed the way the game was going to go and our response was pretty good and we still got after the game, but obviously couldn’t quite break through…once we go down two, it makes it very difficult. Overall, I told the guys that we should feel pretty good about what we put in and now it’s just about, looking at some of the details and cleaning up those things, but also gain confidence from this game to say ok, this is who we are, this is how we’re gonna go about our business. If we’re attached to that, maybe we can make it more clear in the moments that are necessary.”

Q: Did you like what you saw from new front four of Flemmings, Bezecourt, Martinez and Valot?

Wolyniec: Yeah, I mean listen we don’t get a goal so that’s difficult, but at the same time I feel like those guys put a lot into the game and pressed and did a lot of the things we asked them to do. You have give Bethlehem credit, they defended well and really made it difficult for those guys. Douglas’ (Martinez) first start and he showed a lot; he showed why we were interested in him, some of the good things. Now, it’s just can he build off that? Valot is someone that we value a lot, even tonight he gets another chance and just can’t quite put it away, maybe he need a little bit more confidence, Junior (Flemmings) same thing, he has a couple of moments and maybe isn’t as quite as aggressive as he normally is, but still puts a lot into the game so again, anytime a team scores an early goal it makes it that much more difficult to get clearer chances.”

Red Bulls II defender David Najem

Q: First pro match playing your brother Adam?

David: “Absolutely, it’s always fun, not many players get the opportunity to play against their brother professionally, it’s hard to describe, we want each other to do well when the game comes around, the preparation leading up to it is always fun, on the field it’s super competitive, we throw a laugh here and the but you know at the end of the day we want our teams to be on top. During the game, it’s a lot of fun. At the end of the day, he and the Steel (FC) got the better of us and we shared a big hug at the end of the day, thankful we got the opportunity to play against each other. We know it’s a rare case, so I’m ready and prepared to get him on the next opportunity.”

Q: Full of chances down the wings, what’s lacking in the finishing touch?

David: “It shows we’re putting a lot of pressure on teams, you know whether its on my side or through the middle, I think we’re pressing the teams pretty well, I think that maybe it’s a little too slow? We’re not getting it into the box quick enough, the corners are a fine end result for a play, but we want more shots on target, more half chances, whatever we can create, so it’s about how we can turn those corners into shot, shots on goal and start scoring off them.”

Red Bulls II midfielder Vincent Bezcourt

Q: Tough time scoring tonight with a multitude of chances?

Bezecourt: Tough loss tonight for sure, besides that I felt like we were on top of the game, we had a lot of possession, I felt like they didn’t create a lot against us, they probably had maybe three chances and scored two of them. I think we need to improve and create space for ourselves and be more efficient in the last 30 yards for sure.

Q: What costing this team not putting in your chances?

Bezecourt: It’s hard to say…Honestly, I feel like they got pretty lucky today because like I said we were on top of them, on top of the game. For sure we’re getting better, we look like us, we look like how we want to be. Now, it’s up to us now to fix things and start to score goals and make sure not to cost goals. We got to get back to the shutouts.”