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USL Quote Sheet: Wolyniec, Scarlett and Bezecourt on #NYvTOR

USL Post-Game Quote Sheet

Red Bulls II 1, Toronto II 0

July 21, 2017 – MSU Soccer Park

New York Red Bulls II Head Coach John Wolyniec

Thoughts on getting back in the win column and on the game.

“Obviously, the positive is getting the win at home and getting the shutout, but what’s disappointing is that we put ourselves in neutral after we get the goal and don’t continue to push in the way we want to. A lack of aggression and intensity especially in the second half was a bit disappointing. I am very happy that we got the win but at the same time, I felt like we could have put a lot more into it.”

With Douglas [Martinez] injured and Brandon [Allen] on loan, were those factors in the change in formation and partnership?

“Yes, we went into a 4-2-2-2. We worked on that in preseason and came out with that at the beginning of the season. We changed back to 4-3-3. Probably the biggest reason was because of personnel. Missing Brandon and missing Douglas just made sense with our personal that we had to try something different.”

Were nerves being up a goal a reason, because of the unfamiliarity of the situation that things changed in the second half?

“I think you have to be a psychologist to know exactly why. I guess that’s part of my job to know, but the message at halftime was to push and to get the second goal. It’s a little unfortunate. Having said that we did have chances, but in general, we didn’t continue to do things we did well in the first half. That part was disappointing. We want to be aggressive. We want to get after the game. We want to keep putting our stamp on the game. In a lot of ways, when we hesitate, when we drop off and don’t do the little things, we end up doing more work in the end, so trying to convince our guys of that is important. I’m sure some of it comes from us lacking confidence right now, and that’s natural, but trying to instill in our players that you lose or you win, just keep going, be in the moment, and continue to push.”

Jordan [Scarlett] was a big part of the game and in most of his appearances this year, he has been a factor, is he a missing piece to the back line that hasn’t been there?

“Yeah, a small sample size. It’s a little frustrating with the injury, obviously the first one, and the second one for certain reasons, but all signs for him are positive. I think you can see he struggled a bit fitness-wise today, maybe that with being out for a little bit and coming back straight away with 90 [minutes], it’s not like he was out that long, but my initial thoughts on Jordan were very positive and those thoughts seem to come to fruition. Definitely a guy we are high on and getting higher on.”

Bonomo’s entrance at the end of the game gave some life after some time away from injury. Thoughts?

“He’s looked good in training. The most important thing is that he is back on the field in a game situation. It’s been a long time for him and a frustrating time for him. Even at the end of last year when he was playing in the playoffs, he wasn’t at full strength. He gave us what he could then and he gave us what he could tonight. I am really happy to see him back on the field in a competitive situation.”

What is there to take away from tonight in relation to a much tougher game at Louisville coming up with a large crowd, and defeating you earlier in the year, 3-0?

“We haven’t had much success against [Louisville] last time they were here, but we did some good things in that game. We tend to play well against Louisville. I think they are a good matchup for us and we raise our game for them. I’m excited, they’re a good team. We love playing against them because it always looks like a good game and it’s interesting tactically and it’s a great challenge for us. They do a great job with the crowd and environment there, I’m excited for our newer guys to get the experience there and some of the other guys to experience that again.”


New York Red Bulls II Defender Jordan Scarlett

Thoughts on getting back out there, clean sheet, and getting back in the win column.

“It’s been very unfortunate for us the last three games. I think we played good futbol in some parts, but some parts were lacking. At practice we have to get it together. Last year we weren’t used to losing. This year we wanted to prove that we are Red Bulls and that we can play the way the coaches want us to play, so let’s come out and give it our all.”

With the difficulty of getting a shutout and win this season. Thoughts on the back line being paired up with Schmoll along with Noah and Ethan.

“I think the communication was good. One of Tim’s best attributes is his communication. He knows the system very well. At times when I tune out he goes, ‘Jordan’ and he gets me back going and I love that from him. Noah (Powder) is a very technical player. It’s his second 90 minutes, and over time, he will get better. Ethan (Kutler) is working. He’s understanding the right back position because he’s not used to it. I think as we move forward in the season, we’ll get better.”

What do you attribute to your tenaciousness, dive-ins, slide-ins, and being vocal?

“That’s the way I always play. The coaches like players that commit to win 50-50’s, to win battles and not be soft. If we can win the tackles, get tight, or delay it, we have to give 100-percent out there.”

New York Red Bulls II Midfielder Vincent Bezecourt

Thoughts on the game, lots of chance both ways at the end but both teams started the game well.

“The main focus before the game was to get the shutout so the job is done. The first half was really good. Everyone was flying, getting the ball high up the field. We got some chances, and I was lucky to scored one even though we could have scored three or four. At halftime, we were like, ‘it’s 0-0, they were going to come out flying,’ and that’s what they did. We’ve to do a better job of finishing the game and finishing the job and scoring chances and put the game away. When they got their confidence back, they were very dangerous.”

There was some urgency for the team to find space with the loss of Brandon Allen. Is that because of the change of formation, change of personnel or something else?

“Brandon was a great striker and everybody in the box was almost too good for him. It was to have him but we have to find other ways to score goals. We try to be more agressive in the attacking third. That’s what we did in the first half, but we need to do more in the second half.”

You had a short loan and got called up to the first team for the Open Cup. What does that mean to you and did Jesse Marsch give you any advice?

“I’m very happy that means something to me and that means a lot to me. That means they believe in me. It’s tough to get up there…I may have a chance to get up there, but I have to perform well with the second team, first and then we see what happens.”

What do you take away from this to bring to the game against tough opponent Louisville on the road?

“That was one of my first games last year and we went to their place and I think it was 2-0. If you see earlier this year in Montclair, they won 3-0. We have to take pridein the result and in doing better than losing 3-0 and try to get points over there.”