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USL Quote Sheet: Wolyniec, Flemmings and Bonomo on #NYvCIN

USL Post-Game Quote Sheet

Red Bulls II 4, Cincinnati 0

MSU Soccer Park

August 19, 2017


New York Red Bulls II head coach John Wolyniec

Overall thoughts on the match?

JW: “It’s certainly one of our best performances, a complete performance. We did a lot on the offensive and defensive end. Limited a very good team to little in the attack so I feel pretty good, I feel like we’re starting to gain some momentum, the last three results have been pretty good against good teams so we feel pretty good about that.”

Comment on Bonomo’s scoring run and Junior Flemmings’ progression within the team

JW: “Yeah, it’s interesting both those guys had some injuries through the offseason and it’s taken some time for them to get back, so of that is just bad luck and the fact that their injuries didn’t heal in a way that they thought or we thought would happen and it took some time so credit to them, they’ve continued to work and I’m sure it threw them off early getting back to full fitness but you can see now Bonomo’s becoming the player that we thought he could be. With him it’s almost like the goals are just gravy on top because he does all the work that we ask in holding the ball, challenging, running and pressing and all that stuff. With Junior obviously, he’s starting to round out his form and you could see that in the end of the game. It looked a lot like last year where we got up in games, we closed out games with extra goals because Junior could be really effective when the game got loose and he gets a few chances so it’s good to see that from him today.”

Approach heading into Ottawa game next weekend?

JW: Yeah, we still have a couple of suspensions to deal with, which is a joke, but yeah, we’ll have guys ready. Again, we want to go about things in a certain way and we’re not going to adjust for too many teams, obviously, we’ll take into account what Ottawa has and what they have to offer and what challenges they may present but we’re gonna go after the game and be aggressive and push the tempo, I don’t think much will change but certainly we’ll look into the changes that have gone on all over the past few weeks.

How happy were you to see Vincent Bezecourt make his MLS debut Friday?

JW: It’s fantastic and I can’t help but think some of that boost the confidence of some of the guys today so I am very happy for Vince, I thought he showed himself very well. I feel a sense of pride with the staff and the players that we’ve prepared them in a good way to go out and perform in a really tough situation and environment in Portland. He helps the team in certain ways and it’s unfortunate that we lost, we all feel that but I think we’re all very proud of Vince and we’ll continue to help him as much as we can moving forward.”

New York Red Bulls II winger Junior Flemmings

What clicked on offense today?

JF: I mean we’ve realized where we are in the table and we just picking up stuff at the right time getting some good results against three of the better teams in the league and we just realize hey, now is the time, we realize we better do it now, we can’t wait till the last minute to try and get some points so we came together as a group and decided we wanted to get some points in order for us to be in a playoff spot.

How do you feel about your progression and seeing former teammates thrive and get promoted to first team?

JF: “It’s a great system and John and the entire coaching staff has been pushing us and it’s all a learning process to go to the next level which is the first team and I’m also grateful for Vincent, he’s been a part of this team for two years showing his class and commitment and a great player and you can see that once you’re performing the opportunity’s there.”

New York Red Bulls II forward Stefano Bonomo

What’s been key to your recent goal scoring run?

SB: “Nothing really, as a striker, for me I’m just playing every game in the same way going into it, doing my role, doing what the coach tells me and if a goal comes, a goal comes fortunately in the past four games they’ve come. It’s been a good run so far, got to keep it up.”

Did U.S. Open Cup game earlier this week add a little more fuel to the fire for this game?

SB: “Yeah, I think so. I think we knew it was an opportunity to pounce on them. We knew they were going to come out with a lot of anger, they just got knocked out of a semifinal game we knew they were going to come out really strong with a good starting lineup, but we also knew that their starters just played 120 minutes against our first team so we thought taking advantage of that and pushing the limits the whole 90 minutes was going to be necessary in order to get three points.”