NYvPHI 091317
Ryan Meyer

Tight Group Will Help New York Red Bulls Battle Through

With the toughest stretch of the season coming up, the New York Red Bulls know they will have to bunker down to come through on top.

With three games in seven days -- including the all-important 2017 U.S. Open Cup Final -- as well as the final push to stay above the Playoff Line. 

"We have all good guys here," Felipe said. "We have guys who love each other. We win as a group. We train as a group. We go out to dinner as a group. You can call this group of guys more than teammates, we’re friends. We have a group of guys that always support each other."

Following two road draws, Luis Robles said the team needs to learn from it as a group and use those learnings to move forward.

"As far as our approach to the next game, that doesn’t change," Robles said. "We have to continue to improve, to continue to understand tactically how we want to play.

"We’re seeing that we aren’t done yet and that’s an encouraging thing. If we can continue to put these pieces together and improve, it means that we’re going to be on the better end of some of these results."