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Kristin Wentzlaff

Additions Will Come for New York Red Bulls

When Denis Hamlett was named Sporting Director of the New York Red Bulls in 2017, he knew one of the main building blocks he needed to set was a scouting network for the club.

With the addition of Benjamin Ehresmann as Scouting Director, Hamlett is starting to truly build out how the team will find players that fit into the team.

"Now that we’ve had Ben on board, it’s something we’ve been evaluating, and now we’ll get really ramped up in terms of how we can really get the right piece: A player that can play in MLS, that we feel can come in and fit our system," Hamlett said at end of year media availability at Red Bull Arena.

Hamlett said while the team has added Michael Amir Murillo, Fidel Escobar and Muhamed Keita, while also signing Vincent Bezecourt from New York Red Bulls II, player acquisition is always an "ongoing process."

"It’s something we want to make sure that we build out the right way, so that we do have options that we can choose from," Hamlett said.

Head Coach Jesse Marsch said that everyone within the organization is working toward one goal: putting trophies in the case.

"Everybody is working tirelessly to do that, and even as we sit here right now the discussions are how to build this thing to be even better for next year, how to use our resources, how to challenge guys in the offseason to make sure that they come back really ready for the Champions League challenges," Marsch said. "The clock never stops, you never really get rest, but it’s a labor of love for everyone here."