Chris Armas
Andrew Vazzano

Chris Armas: 'We Don't Believe in Luck'

The New York Red Bulls have not started the season on the right foot -- but with five points through seven games, the belief that things are going to start going their way isn't going to happen because they want it to.

They're going to have to earn it.

"It is just not going our way," Head Coach Chris Armas said. "The message is that we do not believe in luck, we believe in making it happen. We keep working, knowing it is going to come, because we have quality here. We believe in our roster, we believe in what we are doing, and we believe in the way we are working."

Daniel Royer notes the shifting approach to facing the Red Bulls and how the club needs to make additional adjustments. Still, it comes down to execution for the players on the field.

"Since we did so well last year, teams have played differently against us," Royer said. "That should not be an excuse because we definitely can still do better in what we did. I think we just didn't execute enough. I think everyone can do a little better. We don’t have a clean sheet so far and we also haven’t scored enough goals so far. Everyone can do a little better."

Omir Fernandez, who returned to action off the bench in New England, knows the team is stable, with a foundation of veterans who have been through highs and lows. They'll be able to impart knowledge on some of the younger players on how to handle this sort of adversity.

"We know we're not doing too hot. We know we haven't had the start that we all planned and wanted," Fernandez said. "But the spirits are high. This team is hard to break down. Coach said in one of our meetings, our foundation is strong. We have big players on the team, veterans that give us a lot of hope. I think we're ready to come home and get three points."

Armas is confident that these early-season struggles will benefit the club in the long run, as they evolve their playing style to handle the adversity.

"We have had to really look hard at so many different things, and to do that early in the year, I think it is going to make us stronger and it is making us better," Armas said.

The head coach believes the next phase of their season could start on Saturday in Red Bull Arena.

"I think when it is all said and done, we will understand the opponent, but we know it is about getting ourselves as sharp as we can be in every way and keep making improvement game-to-game, and especially in our home building," Armas said. "We can be explosive and we can hurt you in many different ways, so we are looking for progress on the inside and we are focusing on the New York Red Bulls getting a massive three points this weekend and really kickstart this thing."