RBA Cincy
Ben Solomon

Team Plan During Suspension Due to Covid-19

During these unprecedented times, the club has taken action and followed direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local public health authorities, and their medical staff, along with Major League Soccer (MLS) and United Soccer League (USL).

There’s still no definitive time frame when the team will return to training, therefore planning training sessions from home has been a primary task for the coaching staff. 

“The most important thing right now is that we take care of everyone at our club and their families,” said Head Coach Chris Armas. “Every effort until now continues to keep that thought as the top priority.”

Captain Sean Davis has shared messages on Twitter, that resonate with the club’s steps as it adapts to these times. 

“As we aim for normalcy, we will also use the time to our advantage,” said Armas. “Players will have regularly scheduled video conference calls to review different training and game footage.

“Our fitness team has designed individual plans for each player to help them stay fit. As a staff, we will continue working in a proactive and creative way. There is always so much to work on, analyze, learn and share.” 

Players are working individually at home, focusing on injury preventive work and home workouts that follow a precise plan put forth by the coaches and strength and fitness staff.