Duncan Cincy Suspension
Ben Solomon

CHECKING IN: Kyle Duncan

With the current 2020 MLS season on pause, the New York Red Bulls’ coaches, staff and players have no choice but to train from home. This will be a time for them to try new things, but to also stay active and ready for when everything returns to normalcy. 

Right-back Kyle Duncan shared with us what he has been up to in recent weeks: 

What are you doing with the time available?

"With all this chaos going on, I’ve got the chance to spend a lot more time with my family because I don’t really see them as much as I would like to since they are an hour and a half away. I’ve also been able to stay fit with the help of Tony [Jouaux], who has been giving us a program every week, and he also has been setting up strength sessions online using Webex."

What are you specifically working on?

"I’ve been working on my flexibility because that has a lot to do with preventing injuries."

How are you staying safe and in shape?

"I wash my hands every time I enter the house and I even keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on me just in case I need to step out of the house for grocery shopping. In terms of staying in shape, I have been doing the workouts and strength Tony has been giving us, and I’ve also been doing ball work. For example, dribbling through cones, finding a wall to knock the ball on, juggling, etc."

Message to the supporters:

"To all the fans I just want to say be safe during this rough time. We will get through this. The more we stay inside means less time we stay inside in the long run. So do what you must to keep your families safe and know that we miss you and can’t wait to see you again."