Rito 8/2

Catching Up: NYRB II Defender Edgardo Rito

New York Red Bulls II re-acquired defender Edgardo Rito on loan from Yaracuyanos FC December 19, 2019. Rito suffered a season-ending injury against Charleston Battery on September 27, 2019 and has been recovering from that injury.  

 We caught up with Rito to see what he has been up to during the suspension of play.  



 Q: Before your injury, how was your first season with NYRB II? 

 Rito:  I think it was a good start, since I adapted to the group very quickly. With the group and with the coaching staff, but it was a good season and I was very happy for each result and for every moment I had in the games. 

 Q: What was your most memorable moment of last season? 

 Rito: My memorable moment was when I scored my first goal and that made me feel more confident and work harder.  

 Q: What has been the most difficult challenges since your arrival at NYRB II? 

 Rito: I think that adapting to the language and at times to the idea of ​​how to play. But sometimes it’s good to have challenges and overcome them.  

 Q: How has recovery from your injury been going? 

 Rito:  My recovery has been very good because after my second surgery, I started with my recovery and every day I thank God that I have been able to manage it. With this quarantine I have been able to take advantage and feel that I’m also done with it.  

 Q: What would be your advice for someone returning from a serious injury? 

 Rito: First, the first thing is the mentality and leave the negative aside. Second, it’s the way you work to improve the day to day and strengthen the leg. Finally, when we want to fight for something and have dreams, an injury or having surgery cannot be an obstacle. 

 Q: What do you want to improve the most when you return to the field? 

 Rito: What I want to improve is my aerial game, the finishing of the plays, understanding the language more, and working more on the defensive side of the game.  

 Q: What has been the most difficult aspect during recovery? 

 Rito: I think being off the field, not seeing myself doing what I used to do often. Just training, playing and so on. 

 Q: What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during this time? 

 Rito:  There are many things I do, one of them is to train every day, watch English classes, listen to music, play Playstation, read at times and so on. But everything I try to do the most is work on getting my leg better everyday.