Kilwien 2020

Catching Up: NYRB II Defender Preston Kilwien

Preston Kilwien is in his second season with New York Red Bulls II, after signing with the club on March 8, 2019. He was an important part of the backline last season  appearing in 24 matches in his first professional season.

With the suspension of play, we caught up with Preston to see what he has been up to the last couple months.


Q: What was your primary goal during the offseason?

Kilwien: The primary goal was to come in as fit as possible and be able to be ready to compete from the start!

Q: How did preseason go for you?

Kilwien: This preseason started out rough for me personally. I was rehabbing from an ankle injury and not being out there right away with the guys was really tough, but once I came back and started to train, I was just focused on regaining my fitness and becoming a dominant leader.

Q: What has been the biggest learning point for you during the preseason?

Kilwien: It has been patience for sure. Obviously, dealing with an inury is never easy and you just want to be out there with your teammates and playing the game you love. I think it was important for me to be patient and really ensure I came back at 100% and ready to go.

Q: After your first season, what were the primary improvements you were looking to make to your game?

Kilwien: I think the main thing I wanted to improve on was becoming a more dominant leader and a bigger presence in the backline.

Q: What have you been doing to stay busy during this suspension of play?

Kilwien: I have been working out and staying fit with completing the workouts Eric [Gorman] has been putting together for us. I have also been reading, painting, cooking, and playing video games.

Q: Looking back on the first match of the season, what are some things you think the team could work on?

Kilwien: I think we just need to come together collectively. We were all still trying to get to know each other a little bit I think, but just buying into the Red Bull way and being together will be important for us to achieve our team goals.

Q: When play is resumed, what are your goals for the remainder of the season?

Kilwien: Obviously, the goal is to make the first team, but I want to make sure I have the best possible, dominant season that I can and show who I am as a player.

Q: What have you been watching on television during this time?

Kilwien: The two television shows I have been watching during the suspension have been Love Island and How I Met Your Mother.

Q: What would your advice to be to some of the newer guys on the team for their first professional season?

Kilwien: This season is obviously kind of weird, but my advice is to just buy into the system and the philosophy of the club. Each person is here for a reason, so show that reason and buy into working hard for yourself, and for your teammates.