Boateng: "We Have a Group That Loves to Compete"

On June 4, the USL Championship announced a provisional return to play date of July 11. With a lot of details still to come, NYRB II defender Roy Boateng is just happy to have the chance to compete again.

“It feels amazing to finally have a date set for competition. We have all been waiting so long for games and for a chance to finally compete,” Boateng said.

New York Red Bulls II returned to individual training on May 25 and recently progressed to small group training sessions on May 28, which has allowed players to practice with teammates for the first time since March.

“Training has been really good so far from individual training to groups. The morale has been at an all-time high because it has been really great to see everyone again,” Boateng said.

With only having played one match in 2020, the club is really excited to have the chance to compete against opposition and accomplish the goals they set out in the beginning of the year.

“I think right now our team goal is to execute all that we have been learning since preseason. We have to make sure that when we come back, we come back the right way,” Boateng said.  “We have a group that loves to compete, and we finally get to do that.”