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Adam Hunger

Kaku: ‘I Really Enjoyed This Formation, Hopefully We Can Continue on the Same Confidence Path and Continue Winning’

On Saturday night, Kaku finished the game with two assists in the 2-0 win over D.C. United. The two assists place him in the top 10 all-time assists list, tying Clint Mathis with 23 career MLS regular-season helpers.

“Yeah I think we played a great second half,” said Kaku. “At the start, it was a bit tough, because they had more of the ball, but afterwards, we improved and were better positioned on the field. We got a huge win for the Red Bulls’ fans.”

Head Coach Bradley Carnell kicked off the game against D.C. with three center-backs - Tim Parker, Aaron Long and Sean Nealis - and the Paraguayan international thinks this tactical switch gave the team a different dynamic.

“I think yes, it was another dynamic,” said Kaku. “Both fullbacks can go more forward, and we have more options to play on the flanks and send quick crosses to Danny [Royer] or Mathias [Jørgensen], who are in the center. I really enjoyed this formation, hopefully we can continue on the same confidence path and continue winning.” 

The second goal of the night came via a play created between Kaku and Jason Pendant on the left flank, which led to Royer volleying the French fullback’s cross into the box. After the victory in the District, Kaku sets his focus on the next opponents.

“We already know how Cincinnati plays, they’ll close out spaces in the final third,” said Kaku. “We have to be calm with the ball, and be ready in that final pass. Then we’ll have our first game against Miami, I think [Gonzalo] Higuaín is arriving; I think it’s good for the league to have these top players. It helps the league’s growth and makes it more interesting. Then, Henry’s return to Red Bull Arena, he’s a legend. We have to get the wins, which is the most important thing and continue giving joys to our fanbase.”

On Dru Yearwood's first start with the Red Bulls, Kaku expressed his thoughts about the English midfielder and compared his style of play to that of Frenchman N'Golo Kanté.

“Yesterday I asked him when was his last game, and he told me that it was six months ago,” said the Red Bulls’ no. 10. “He’ll go little by little. I call him Kanté because he plays like the French midfielder; he’s short and quick. He’s going to help us a lot, and the same with Samuel [Tetteh].”