Caden Clark 10.15
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Caden Clark Continues Historic MLS Debut

Caden Clark became the youngest player in MLS history to score goals in his first two league appearances, per Opta. Both goals came in tough games, against Atlanta United, an important club rival, and against Toronto FC, the best team in MLS. 

“It’s awesome. The Red Bull organization and the coaches here have given me opportunities to do that, putting me in today to make that possible,” said Clark in the postgame press conference. “I’m not a big guy that like… yes, I’ll remember that, but it’s more kind of focused on the next game. I think it’s very cool that I did that, but we have bigger things to worry about for next game.”

The next opponent will be Orlando City, who defeated the Red Bulls a couple of weeks ago in Florida, 3-1.   

“It’s a kid playing high right now, high on life and high on the energy of making his debut, and things are falling into place,” said Interim Head Coach Bradley Carnell. “He has certain qualities, when all of this comes together and the kid has a chuckle in his boots, there’s wonders that can happen. It’s great that he can express himself in this way, and in this manner, expose teams and find the right moments. I thought it was the right point to bring him in the game. We thought that the game opened up slightly, we knew we were going to find him in certain pockets of space, and it’s exactly how he scores the goal. All credit to him, and the kid bails us out again.”

The Red Bulls last two goals have been scored by Clark, helping the club grab four of six possible away points.   

“Coming in here, the guys have been great. This is the best locker room I’ve ever been a part of, everyone is super positive, everyone wants everyone to succeed, you don’t see that often within locker rooms,” said Clark. “It’s a really good locker room with really good people, and from day one of me coming up here, everyone’s been super positive to me and comforting me. Of course, at first you’re a little frantic, in the trainings and in the game against Atlanta, and sometimes today. I think as time goes on and I gain more experience I’ll settle in more, but the guys have been the best to help me settle in.”