Referral Program Header 2018

Refer a friend or family member and earn Red Members card cash!

What is this all about?

We will add 10% of the value of your referral’s Red Membership purchase as Red Members Card cash, up to a maximum of $500. For example, if your friend purchases 2 Premium Midfield Red Memberships ($2,616 total), you will receive $261.60 in Red Members cash. These funds can be used in the Bullshop and concession stands at Red Bull Arena throughout the season.​

Important Note

You can only receive this bonus cash if your friend or family member’s Red Membership order goes through your Member Services representative or sales representative you purchased from this season and is a new Membership purchase. A new Membership purchase is qualified as a new seat for 2019. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1.877.727.6223. The maximum amount of Red Member Card cash, including through the referral program, that an account can receive is $500.

How will the Red Members Card cash be allocated?

You have three choices on how the cash is distributed:

Option 1: 10% of your referral's purchase as cash onto your digital Red Members card.

Option 2: 5% onto your digital Red Members card and 5% onto your referral's digital Red Members card.

Option 3: 10% of the cash onto your referral's digital Red Members card.

It is your choice, so after your referral purchases their Red Membership, we will contact you on how you want to allocate the Red Members Card cash.


What is the best way to get referrals?

Encourage your friends, family members, and coworkers to become New York Red Bulls Red members and add to the great atmosphere at Red Bull Arena! You must be a 2019 Red Member to be eligible for the program and you can only refer someone that did not have Red Memberships for the 2018 Season.

How are referrals recorded so that I get credit?

Refer your friends or family to purchase their Red Membership by calling your personal Members Services representative or the sales representative you purchased from this season. When ordering by phone, your referral MUST give your name to the representative at the time of purchase for you to receive credit.

Red Member Terms & Conditions