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Red Member Seat Relocation FAQs

Q: How will the process work?

A: In your registration form, you will indicate the changes you’d like to make to your account, whether it’s upgrading, moving within your section, etc. Leading up to the event, you will receive a time slot where you can expect a call from a Member Services representative to discuss available seat locations.

Q: Can I add-on more seats to my account?

A: Yes, you can add seats to your account any time during your time slot.

Q: If I am not available during my time slot, what can I do to change my location?

A: If you're not available during your assigned time slot, you can designate a friend or family member for Member Services to reach out to on your behalf. If so, you must complete the proxy portion when clicking on the registration link so that we can authorize them to change your Red Membership locations. Otherwise, please call your Member Services Representative or 877.727.6223 on Friday, October 6th, to discuss available seat locations.

Q: I have a friend/family member that is interested in purchasing tickets. What time will they be able to pick seats?

A: Please have your referral contact your Member Services Representative. Be sure that they mention your name so you qualify for the Referral Program if they purchase a Red Membership!

Q: Are there benefits for referring someone to be a Member?

A: Yes, you can receive up to 20 percent of the value of your referral’s Red Membership purchase as Red Members e-cash. Click here for more information on our new Referral Program.

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Score The App, Updated for 2024

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