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Week 5 Button - Speedway



Ball Striking

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Game Understanding

The surging Red Bulls continued their unbeaten run with a 1-0 win, this time at home against an Inter Miami team looking to kick start a playoff run. New York have not lost in the last 6 games with 4 wins and 2 draws.

A key factor in the run has been the form of striker Patryk Klimala who scored the game winner in the 25th minute. Andrew Gutman intercepted an errant pass in midfield and immediately found Klimala with an exceptional pass at the top of the box. Klimala’s finish was cool and composed, befitting of a player in form as he slotted the ball to the left of the goalkeeper.

Despite a few more chances, that goal remained the difference as RBNY’s defence held firm to register a 10th clean sheet of the season.

In this week’s Game Understanding, we’ll be looking at the buildup to the goal however short it may have been.

Watch the highlights above (or click here), and pay special attention to the movement and positioning of the Red Bull players beginning at 2:42:

  1. What shape of run does Omir Fernandez make to pressure the player on the ball?
  2. Why is Andrew Gutman, the left back, positioned in the inside channel rather than pressing the opposing wide midfielder?
  3. Look at Klimala’s movement throughout the whole play. What allows him to be an immediate threat once the ball is won?

Answers at the bottom of the page!

Game Understanding Answers

  1. Fernandez makes a curved run to pressure the Miami full back, thereby cutting off the other side of the field. This begins to limit Miami’s passing options and make the play more predictable for the other RBNY players such as Gutman and Sean Davis. This makes it easier to pressure opponents and intercept passes.
  2. Gutman has taken up an intelligent position where he can pressure the nearest player and still screen the only penetrating passing lane available to Miami. Not only that but he is sharp and alert to the possibilities and is able to jump at the chance of an interception.
  3. Klimala drifts from wide right into a central channel between the Inter Miami center backs. Because he wisely did not join the press in that moment, he was ready to act as a target for a fast counterattack. This is known as “Rest Offence”, taking advantage of the opponents spread out attacking shape to find areas to exploit quickly once the ball is won.