11 Days of Service | Head of Sport Kevin Thelwell Reads to Seniors

kevin thelwell 11 days of service

Of the multiple 11 Days of Service community service initiatives that the New York Red Bulls will hold in September, Jersey Cares Senior Reader Series will be one that will take place over three weeks. RBNY staff will create audio recordings of short stories or poems and share with senior citizens.

Head of Sport Kevin Thellwell is participating in his first 11 Days of Service with the club and looks forward to creating audio recordings for the Senior Reader Series. 

“It's very, very important for a club like us to do some things like these,” said Thelwell. “It’s a big statement about how we live our lives. It’s a big statement about the things that we believe in, the things that are important to us. And if they're important to us, then we should make a statement about that. And so being out in the local community, helping with things just like this, and being able to support the local community is very, very important.” 

The Red Bulls last week provided catered lunch to thank both the Fire and Police departments of Harrison, NJ for their service. Also Steve Jolley, Tim Parker, Ryan Meara and Brian White spent time with families living at the Ronald McDonald House in New York City via videoconference for virtual game night experience.

“In an ideal world, we'd want it to be a little bit more personal, won’t we? We would love the opportunity to be able to maybe visit some people and be able to reach out in a slightly different way, and be a lot more personable, but unfortunately, that's not the case nowadays,” said Thelwell. “We have to find different ways to be able to make those connections and doing something like this, certainly for me, feels like it's important if the people that we're reading to are going to get some value from it.”