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Cole Carter grew up in San Diego, California where he began playing and developing a love for soccer at a young age. Once he finished with his playing career, he began to coach at the high school and club level before coaching at San Diego Surf and University of San Diego. Carter joined Red Bulls Academy in January of 2022 and will serve as the goalkeeper coach for the U-12, U-13, and U-14 age groups.

What is your soccer background?

CC: I was lucky enough to grow up in San Diego, California, where soccer is a big part of the culture and therefore became a big part of my life at a young age. I constantly played, whether it was with a team or with friends, had such an impact on my love for soccer. I began coaching at the age of 17, where my first position was as a goalkeeper coach for the local recreation league and from there, I knew I wanted to coach full-time. I eventually got my first full-time gig with San Diego Surf and University of San Diego exposed me to higher levels of coaching and shaped how I wanted to approach my own position. I took opportunities I could to continue to develop as a coach and constantly looked to other coaches for opportunities to learn.

What motivated you to get involved with coaching?

CC: I got involved in coaching initially for my passion for the game, but I've continued to coach because of the joy I've found from developing players. I am always looking for new ways to develop talent technically. I believe the lessons learned on the field are lessons any player can then apply to whatever opportunity presents itself next or within their personal experiences off the field. I have always looked to learn from the best and bring the lessons learned and give those to my players. Consistent development is the core of who I am as a coach.

What do you see as the most important part of your job?

CC: As a goalkeeper coach for the U-12’s through U-14’s, the most important part of my job is to solidify the technical base of our goalkeepers, while providing them with an environment in which they can develop tactically and giving room to find their own personal approach to goalkeeping. These age groups are the foundational building blocks, we need to develop keepers who are knowledgeable on the technical know-how for the position. It's essential to develop the correct habits and problem-solving skills necessary to be successful long term as keepers. The enthusiasm from these groups is exciting as we continue to develop.

What upcoming events are you excited about?

CC: I am excited for the entire 2022 season. Any event is an opportunity for our goalkeepers to develop further and show their abilities.

As one of the newest coaches on staff, what made you choose to work for Red Bulls Academy?

CC: For some time a big goal for me has been to work with Red Bulls Academy as they have established themselves as one of the best academies in the United States and as a premier organization worldwide. To be amongst the other coaches and continuing to learn myself and develop further is an opportunity that no one could turn away.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

CC: The most rewarding part to me is watching goalkeepers learn and be able to implement the knowledge into their games. The goal is to provide them with the tools they can use to problem solve and execute with any game situation. When you see this being executed it's rewarding as a coach and shows the player that the work, they've put in was 100% worth it.

What is the most important lesson you want your goalkeepers to learn?

CC: Everyone makes mistakes. What you do after them is the most important. If you are able to learn and adjust on your own to them, then you can continue to develop.