2018 Preseason Full Team

With a preseason scrimmage now under their belt, veterans like Luis Robles and Bradley Wright-Phillips are happy where they -- and their teammates -- are after one week of preseason.

“We tried to accomplish what we have been working on in the first week," Wright-Phillips said. "Ultimately, it is about fitness, but it is good to get everyone playing and get some goals.”

The Red Bulls put up seven goals on the University of South Florida on Saturday in a three-session, 30-minute-a-piece game.

"This is what preseason is about. It’s the little things," Robles said. "Sharpen up your footwork. Improve your fitness. All the tactics will come, but it’s those physical things that those first couple of weeks are about."

With the physical aspect coming along, Robles said the importance also needs to be on communication between the players.

"The reason we are communicating the way we do is because we believe in them, we want to get the best out of them, but more importantly we understand the demands that come with playing on this team," Robles said. "If they can be open to that information, if they can absorb it and try to apply it, I think just the application allows us to feel encouraged with their progression."

Every day, though, it will get easier, according to the goalkeeper.

"It is a big ask and there’s a lot of information coming your way, but the great thing about it is, as you’ll see throughout the season, it’s going to be spelled out so clearly for them and it actually makes the game simpler, and that’s the whole idea," Robles said.