Gonzalo Veron

Gonzalo Veron notched the game-winning goal against the New England Revolution on Wednesday night, his second game-winning points in three games.

His 90th minute goal help propel New York to a road win on historically-hostile Revs' home turf.

“It says a lot that we put him in that game at the end, because we still feel like he's a guy that can make plays,” Head Coach Jesse Marsch said. “He's an important guy. For him personally, I know he cares about this team so much. For him to make a big play, I think he's in a good way. A proud moment for him, a big moment for our team and obviously, a huge goal."

The Argentine has a goal and two assists in 167 minutes of play in 2017 (one start).

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Captain Sacha Kljestan said the team knows his stats in minimal minutes.

“If you look at just his statistics based on minutes played, they’re pretty good,” Kljestan said. “He scored some big goals for us now – last year in LA he scored a big one for us. We all know he’s a good player. He needs to find his way to adapt to the way that we play and I always hope he finds more chances to play because we know he’s very talented. He’s finding his way.”

Goalkeeper Luis Robles said that Veron is showing what he’s capable of as a game-changer.

“We believe in the guy. We know that he’s capable of changing the game, what he was able to do tonight and for us at least of what we see in practice, he should be able to do that each and every game he comes into,” Robles said.