HARRISON, NJ (February 14, 2024) – The New York Red Bulls are proud to unveil the 2024 Legacy Kit, a tribute to the rich history and vibrant community that has shaped the club. Designed to honor those who have come before and inspire the rising stars of tomorrow, this kit represents the essence of our identity and the passion that unites us all.


"Our legacy is built upon the strength and unity of our community," said Elisa Padilla, Chief Marketing Officer. "This kit represents the culture embedded into the fabric of our city streets and neighborhoods. It celebrates the beautiful game that brings us together and defines our identity."

Legacy Kit Details2

As we look to the future, the Legacy Kit aims to inspire the next wave of rising stars, homegrowns, and national team captains. It serves as a reminder that our community is a global melting pot, rich with history and passion. The threads of this kit symbolize the unity and strength that define us. As we look to the future, the goal is that the legacy kit is worn by the rising stars of tomorrow on the pitch and in the streets.


With our sleeve-patch partner OANDA, the 2024 Legacy Kit will be worn by the New York Red Bulls players during the upcoming season, proudly displaying the heritage and pride of our community. It is a representation of our commitment to the game and the values that drive us forward.



Designed to celebrate the traditions and generations that have set the standard.

To represent those who came before us, those who laid our foundation for what is here today.