New York Red Bulls II head coach John Wolyniec
On if the pressure from Charlotte was the reason that they came out flat:

I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. You have to give credit to Charlotte, they came out and a lot of teams have a lot of energy coming here. They’re excited, they have a very good squad if you look at that roster, and we came out definitely flat and it’s just disappointing for me because of our focuses before the game was a fast start so to come out that slow and give up that many chances straight away in the game was disappointing. Especially when we’ve been so good defensively over such a long stretch, so all good streaks come to an end and that one came crashing down.

On what Charlotte did better than previous teams to break Red Bulls II down:

I’m tempted to say everything. I just think that our approach and our start was not good enough and I preached to our guys that teams come here and we’re playing in Red Bull Arena and they’re going to be excited. They’re going to come out and try to get after you and prove that they can play with you and we weren’t ready for that for some reason.

On what he told his team at halftime:

My message was that the first half wasn’t good enough and you have another half to prove that you’re better than that. I think some of it was that Charlotte took their foot off the gas and that allowed us to come after them a little bit and some of it was that we couldn’t have played much worse in the first half. It was that combination of things that made us look like we were doing a bit more in the second half.

On how the loaned players integrated into the team:

It’s always tough, it’s tricky and everybody’s goal before the game is different and when you have guys coming down, like Gideon [Baah] coming back from injury and we’re just trying to give him some time and experience so for him we are happy that he got through 45 minutes. For a lot of the other guys, it’s not what we expected and it’s not always easy when the personnel changes a lot, but at the same time we have high standards for those guys and they didn’t quite meet it today.

On Stefano Bonomo at center back:

That was his first experience at center back in the game. You know it’s - we’re looking at it and he’s been training there for weeks with the team and we’re just going to see how it is and maybe we continue to do that and maybe we don’t. He has some quality stuff that we need at that position and I’ve seen how quickly he can adjust. So credit to him that he’s committed to it and that he’s willing to take a look at this from a different angle and we’ll see where it goes from there. 

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