Red Bulls II head coach John Wolyniec
On the result:

A lot of good things, you know, a lot of good play from us. It took us some time to grab hold of the game and do the things that we wanted to do. As we went through the game you could see that we were trying to find ways and gain advantages, put the game on our terms. We got the goal and we just took our foot off the gas and allowed them to come at us, and when you do that in this league or any league, teams are going to throw everything they got at you. Credit to Richmond, they raised their level, they fought, they ran in the box and they got a good chance and got a goal.

On Stefano Bonomo and if he’s working his way into the starting lineup:

Yeah, for sure, Stefano does pretty much everything we ask him to do and sometimes it’s difficult when we’re trying him at different positions and he’s taking all of that on in a great way and it makes it hard to make decisions for sure. I was itching to get him on the field and maybe Brandon [Allen] is the victim of that, but that guy puts in as much as he does and can have an effect on games and we want to get him on the field. We have a lot of guys like that so it’s a tough challenge to figure out where to put players and how to use players. That’s what we want, we want guys to fight and scratch and claw for every minute that they can and if that’s what he’s doing then he’s going to get more minutes and you know there will be games where he starts and games where he comes on. His approach is very good so we trust him.

On if Stefano Bonomo could return to center back or remain at forward this season:

That’s a tough one, his general approach is great so in that way he sets himself up to be a guy that can help us in different ways and I wouldn’t put it as dead, but you know for now he’s helping us up front and helping us get chances and goals that way.

On if the team is looking at the USL table and using it as motivation:

Yeah, it was today and it didn’t work so well so I guess it worked for 70 minutes or so, but these guys are competitors you want to let them know what they’re competing for. That’s part the table, part the game, and part the opponent. But we put ourselves in some good spots, but it’s just a little disappointing that our results at home haven’t been better, but that was part of the challenge today and we were really close and it’s unfortunate in certain ways, but it’s our undoing in other ways that we don’t get the result that we’ve been searching for at home so we’re still searching for answers.

On Junior Flemmings and his contributions to the team’s success:

Junior has done very well. He works hard, he makes plays, he’s shifty and has pace, he’s aggressive with the ball. We like a lot of the things he does, he seems to make a lot of plays and it does seem like he can make a bunch more too so he has a knack for putting himself in spots and getting by guys and putting pressure on the passer. There’s a lot of things he does well and if a few more of those moments go off, then he is going to be talked about a lot more for sure. He’s done well and I think that’s shown in his game time and the things he’s done to help us get some results.

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