QUOTE SHEET: New York Red Bulls II 4, Bethlehem Steel 0

New York Red Bulls II head coach John Wolyniec

On the match:

I think we did very well – a lot of good things came out of the game, obviously we preach fast start, get after the game and then score that fast – that’s good. A lot of good attacking plays from us, didn’t give that much during the game, but obviously Ryan [Meara] helps us by saving a PK and keeping the score where it is so definitely a lot of good things.

On going up by two goals and the momentum from the penalty kick save:

Yeah I mean when you’re up 2-0 at home you’re feeling good and then you give up the PK and you’re like, ‘oh man, we don’t want to let this get away from us,’ so Ryan [Meara] comes up big. We made a few bad giveaways in the first half, which kind of led some chances for them. Luckily we were able to make big plays or escape some danger by luck or somebody making a play, but it’s important when you go up 2-0 to keep it that way and get the next one to go up three and I think that really put us in control of the game.

On Derrick Etienne Jr.:

He makes a pretty good play in the beginning of the game and helps us get a lead. He probably had a decent first game of the year and then a good game last week and now a pretty good game so he’s showing that what he needs is consistent games like he did last year and just kind of building on – you know maybe he’s not where he was when he left off – but now he’s getting back there so what I was impressed with was just the volume of work that he put in. Two of the plays he makes are off their turnovers where he’s getting balls in the midfield and playing forward and when he’s doing those things that’s important to me so - obviously he has a great finish too - we know that Derrick can do that kind of stuff, we just want to make sure that he’s contributing always and he’s getting there.

On Junior Flemmings and delegating playing time with the depth of the team:

It’s going to be tough. The whole point is to – these guys aren’t given playing time. Part of development is fighting for time and understanding that in the process of, you’re not just going to go out there every week and get minutes given to you, you have to earn them so it’s important to have depth. Junior’s another young guy that has some talent and you know he definitely has some things to work on, but he also shows that he can make plays. That’s important and once he starts rounding out his game I think he’ll get more and more time and round into a good pro for sure.

New York Red Bulls II midfielder Derrick Etienne, Jr.
On his performance:

I’m very pleased with my performance, always want to go out there and help the team out. I was just glad I was able to go out there and make a difference with a goal and an assist.

On his improvement game-to-game:

I thought in the first game I showed glimpses of some quality, but I felt that it wasn’t enough. Second game, I thought that I worked very hard, it was a difficult game to play in the wind, so, it wasn’t a lot of soccer, you just had to go out there and battle. And then this game, I thought I brought it all together with work rate and then with my ability on the ball, and I was glad I could make an impact.

On chemistry with teammates:

I mean, the guys are great. I think we’re all very good players, we all have quality, so when you’re playing with guys that have quality, it makes it easier on you, and when you just play more with them, you feel more comfortable, so they a lot of guys make it easy on me, and I just try to return the favor and make it easy on them.

On coach John Wolyniec:

It’s great to have a guy who has been at the top level, who has been with the first team, with the MetroStars, with the Red Bulls scoring goals, so you know, you just try to pick up little things from him in training, when he comes out and trains with us sometimes, try to pick up the little habits that he has. He’s a great goal scorer; so just trying to learn from him I feel can really help my game.

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