Mexico Day 4: By the Numbers

Riviera Maya - We've seen a number of comments and questions on both Twitter and Facebook regarding the preseason roster list and jersey numbers. So here's a little clarity in that department (and a nice reference for the recent photo gallery): 2- Tainio, Teemu 3- Borrajo, Jonathan 4- Marquez, Rafa 5- Holgersson, Sven Markus 6- Hertzog, Corey 7- Miller, Roy 8- Solli, Jan Gunnar 11- McCarty, Dax 13- Alvarez, Leobardo 15- Kassel, Matthew 16- Lade, Connor 17- Agudelo, Juan 18- Meara, Ryan 19 - Richards, Dane 20- Lindpere, Joel 21- Nielsen, Brian 22- Keel, Stephen 23- Maduro, Ryan 24- Vuolo, Jeremy 25- Barklage,Brandon 26- Yeboah, Raymond 27- Arteaga, Jhonny 29- Chirgadze, Giorgi 31- Glazer, Matthew 32- Angulo, Jose 33- Cooper, Kenny 40- Konopka, Chris 44- Palsson, Victor 91- Hot, Sacir


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