Mexico Day 12: Q&A with Jonathan Borrajo

Riviera Maya - Clifton, New Jersey native Jonathan Borrajo played in the second half of Tuesday's 2-0 preseason win over FC Dallas. Prior to signing with the Red Bulls on Jan. 5, Borrajo spent time playing for Hamarkameratene of Norway, starting with the team in the Norway’s Second Division and helping his club earn promotion to the First Division. We caught up with Jonathan after training Friday morning to see how things were going off the pitch so far and to find out where his new nickname comes from. So you’re rooming with Victor Palsson. How’s that working out for you? He calls me actually a pretty good roommate. He’s still trying to step his game up. He never remembers his room key which is a pain every now and then, but he’s all right. How about getting to know some of the other guys, maybe the ones who have been here a bit longer? The group is real good. Everyone gets along real well. They made it real easy to come in and just jell with them. We have a group of some clowns, some of the older guys. Teemu and Joel like to play a couple of pranks every now and then, but everyone’s real cool and everyone’s gotten along real well I think. As a New Jersey guy on a team with a number of other local players, do you find yourself clicking with them a little bit more? Nah. I mean, I can speak Spanish, so I’ve been speaking with a lot of the Spanish guys here. We’ve got some Jersey jokes that we like to crack on one another and the guys not from Jersey get on us, but the Jersey guys kinda stick together sometimes. I hear you got yourself a new nickname… Yeah. (Laughs) They like to call me Ron from The Jersey Shore. But I think I have nothing in common with that dude.


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