Asks: What is the Best Forward Combination in MLS?

There's a nice debate going on in the comments section over at, but that's to be expected given the subject at hand. In a recent poll released Tuesday morning, the staff at is interested to know - What do you think is the best forward combination in the League? Seeing as how you're reading this at, the top answer here (and most likely the best one overall anywhere) would have to be Kenny Cooper and Thierry Henry. How can you deny what the tandem has done for the team all season long? Truth is in the numbers, as MLS had this to say about the duo: "How about New York's tandem up front, with Thierry Henry and Kenny Cooper? The Red Bulls have ridden them all campaign to the tune of 25 goals and nine assists, and they're one point outside of first place in the East." We don't need to tell you who to vote for. You know already. Get your votes in here.


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