Q & A with Brandon Barklage: About His Cross to Dax and Saturday's Match Against SKC

First off, let’s talk about that finish against RSL. Dying seconds, you’re running down the wing – do you just kind of close your eyes and send a Hail Mary into the box, or did you have it planned the whole way?

(Laughs) Well, I wouldn’t say I closed my eyes but I was concentrating very, very hard on just putting it near the six-yard box. Lloyd played a good ball back to me, and Dax got a head on it, which was an unbelievable header and just a great way to win that game.

Overall that game was back and forth, end-to-end action throughout the full 90 minutes. Would you say it was one of the best games you’ve played as a Red Bull?

It was the most intense game I’ve played as a Red Bull. It was the best game for the fans to see in the past two years since I’ve been here. We’re glad that we could put on a show for them. It was unfortunate that we gave up the lead, which we never should have, but we battled back. We showed the fans what we’re made of, and that’s what we’re here to do.

Sporting KC is on tap now. A chance for the Red Bulls to take first place in the East. What does the team have in store for itself this weekend?

I think it’s going to be just a dog fight. It’s going to be a huge battle. We know that they’re a very gritty team. They have a lot of special players. A lot of pace. They’re young, they’re quick, they’re aggressive and they try to be bullies out there. We have to enforce our game on them and hopefully just get away with at least a point, if not three.

KC seems like the type of team that likes to dictate the game. It feels like they’re perfectly content with trying to get one goal and hold it for the remainder of the match. Would you say that’s an accurate definition of their play?

That’s extremely accurate. I think their back four is very, very rock steady. Especially their two center backs who are All-Stars. Hopefully if we just bring our ‘A’ Game and don’t stray away from our game plan I think we’ll be OK.