ACADEMY UPDATE: Red Bulls Academy finish strong in final weekend of the regular season

The New York Red Bulls Academy finished off the regular season with a combined record of 5-2-0.

The U-18s hosted the Baltimore Armor while the U-16s also welcomed the Armor and local rivals PDA. The U-14s and U-13s each won on Saturday, but found themselves on the losing end on Sunday.  

New York Red Bulls U-18 (10) vs. Baltimore Armor (1)

Hanover, N.J. (June 5, 2016) - The New York Red Bulls U-18s defeated Baltimore Armor to finish the regular season in first place in Atlantic Division.

The Red Bulls front line all finished the game with goals – Brian Saramago with five, Barry Sharifi and Samad Bouthong each with two and Kyle Casey with one.

The U-18s finished the regular season with 58 points holding a record of 18-4-4. They scored 79 goals on the season while only allowing 31, finishing with a goal differential of +48. 

“The team played fantastic on the day,” Man of the Match Brian Saramago said. “We knew we needed the win to win the division and we wanted nothing less than that. It's always nice to get a couple of goals, but the main goal was the win and now we look forward to playoffs where we'll play in three good competitive games.”

The team will now begin its preparation for playoffs that will take place in Dallas, Texas on June 22.  The U-18’s will play three games with the draw taking place on Wednesday June 8.

Man of the Match: Brian Saramago

Scoring Summary (Assists in parenthesis):

  • NY: Kyle Casey (Brian Saramago) 8’
  • NY: Brian Saramago (Samad Bouthong) 11’
  • NY: Samad Bouthong (Sean Teixeria) 16’
  • NY: Samad Bouthong (Brian Saramago) 21’
  • Baltimore Armor: 24’
  • NY: Barry Sharifi (Sean Teixeria) 28’
  • NY: Brian Saramago (Kyle Casey) 31’
  • NY: Brian Saramago 38’
  • NY: Barry Sharifi (Brian Saramago) 56’
  • NY: Brian Saramago (Barry Sharifi) 63’
  • NY: Brian Saramago (Barry Sharifi) 81’

Wojciech Gajda, Sean Teixeria (Maxwell Aunger 46’), Anthony Herbert, Cristian Martinez, Kevin O’Toole, Callum Johnson, Jared Gilbey, Barry Sahrifi, Kyle Casey, Brian Saramago, Samad Bouthong

Subs not used: Xavier Kennedy, Rodrigo D’Andrea, Bratislav Petkoric

New York Red Bulls U-16 (5) vs. Players Development Academy (0)

Hanover, N.J. (May 30, 2016) - Red Bulls U-16s close out the regular season with two wins over local rival PDA and the Baltimore Armor. They finish the season with the second best record in the country at 19 wins, 1 loss and 5 draws.  They finished first in the Atlantic Division with MLS rival Philly Union finishing in second at 15-5-6.

The Red Bulls hosted local rival PDA last weekend and came away with a convincing 5-0 win. The Red Bulls started strong with two early goals from Omir Fernandez and Ben Mines. The Red Bulls missed a penalty kick right before halftime, but still had a comfortable 2-0 lead at the break.

They would come out strong again in the second half with Mines scoring his second of the game. Omir Fernandez would also score his second before Chris Bermudez finished the scoring with his fifth goal of the season.

Scoring Summary:

  • NY: Omir Fernandez 10’
  • NY: Ben Mines 43’
  • NY: Ben Mines 59’
  • NY: Omir Fernandez 60’
  • NY: Chris Bermudez 69’

New York Red Bulls U-16 (3) vs. Baltimore Armor (1)

Hanover, N.J. (June 5, 2016) - This past weekend the Red Bulls had a chance to avenge it’s only loss of the season when it hosted Baltimore Armour on Sunday.

Baltimore did not make it easy as their defensive shell proved difficult for the Red Bulls to break through once again. The Red Bulls outshot Baltimore 8-1 in the first half but found themselves down a goal at the break.

It didn’t take long for the Red Bulls to draw even as they were awarded a penalty kick two minutes into the second half, which Omir Fernandez would score. Ben Mines was taken down in the penalty area only minutes later and Chris Bermudez would step up to give the Red Bulls the 2-1 lead. Omir Fernandez would complete the scoring with his team leading 20th goal of the season.

The Red Bulls finished the season at 19-1-5 while scoring 79 goals and allowing only 24.  Omir Fernandez finished as the teams leading scorer with 20 goals, Zach Ryan scored 11 goals and Ben Mines finished with nine goals and a team leading 15 assists.

Scoring Summary:

  • Baltimore Armor: 40’
  • NY: Omir Fernandez 47’
  • NY: Chris Bermudez (PK) 50’
  • NY: Omir Fernandez 75’

New York Red Bulls U-14 (3) vs. Prince William Courage (0)

Hanover, N.J. (June 4, 2016) – On the final weekend of the regular season, the Red Bulls U-13s would play host to Prince William Courage and then Players Development Academy the following day.

The U-13s would come out strong in their opening match to defeat the Prince William Courage 3-0. Two early goals gave the Red Bulls U-13s a strong sense of confidence for the remainder of the match.

Dylan Sullivan opened the scoring in the 12th minute then Aziel Jackson would add another just three minutes later. Danny Jara concluded the scoring for the Red Bulls in the 74th minute.

Scoring Summary:

  • NY: Dylan Sullivan 12’
  • NY: Aziel Jackson 15’
  • NY: Danny Jara 74’

New York Red Bulls U-14 (1) vs. Players Development Academy (2)

Hanover, N.J. (June 5, 2016) – In the Red Bulls U-13s final match of the season, they fell 2-1 to local rivals, PDA.

The Red Bulls took an early lead in the second minute with a goal from Scott Taylor. However, PDA tied the match five minutes before half time and eventually grab the game winner in the 68th minute.

Red Bulls U-13s finished the season with an outstanding record of 16-2-4.

Scoring Summary:

  • NY: Scott Taylor 2’
  • PDA: 40’
  • PDA: 68’

New York Red Bulls U-13 (3) vs. Baltimore Armor (2)

Hanover, N.J. (June 4, 2016) - On Saturday the Red Bulls U-13s hosted the Baltimore Armor.

The Red Bulls found themselves down twice during the game, but showed character and came away with a 3-2 victory. Kyle Linhares scored twice, including the game winner while Andrew Maia added a goal and two assists.

Scoring Summary (Assists in parenthesis):

  • Baltimore Armor: 21’
  • NY: Kyle Linhares (Andrew Maia) 29’
  • Baltimore Armor: 48’
  • NY: Andrew Maia
  • NY: Kyle Linhares (Andrew Maia) 62’

New York Red Bulls U-13 (1) vs. Met Oval (2)

Hanover, N.J. (June 5, 2016) - On Sunday, the U-13s played host to Met Oval on a morning filled with downpours.

Kyle Linhares again opened up the scoring, finishing well after beating three defenders off the dribble in the fifth minute.  

Met Oval would score twice against the run of play and steal the win, 2-1.

With the regular season coming to a close, the playoffs begin as the U-13s host a quarterfinal match at the Red Bulls Training Facility next Saturday at 1 p.m. against Bethesda-Olney.

Scoring Summary:

  • NY: Kyle Linhares 5’
  • Met Oval
  • Met Oval


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