USL QUOTE SHEET: New York Red Bulls II 1, Harrisburg City Islanders 0

Red Bulls II head coach John Wolyniec
On if he's concerned at all with the offense:

I would not say concerned because I feel like we have created a good amount of chances. We obviously would have liked to finish more chances but sometimes that's just the way things go. I usually get more concerned when the chances aren't coming and we can't break teams down. The ball will eventually go in the goal when you keep creating chances.
On the difficulty of integrating the MLS guys into the team so quickly:

A little tricky, but at the same time we try to play the same way and use the same tactics. The games always look a little different so there was some adjustments there to be made but with the quality of guys we have it allows for that to happen. I thought those guys did excellent with that.
On what factored into playing Gonzalo Veron the entire match versus Shaun Wright-Phillips and Gideon Baah:

Some of it is that we only have five subs, some of it was watching the guys and seeing how they were doing. Some of it was positional. It is a good time because of the break in the MLS season to give some guys some minutes. It's just an opportunity for guys to up game fitness or game sharpness
On allowing teams to come back into the game and if it's fitness or other factors:

Some of it is natural, when you get up you tend to relax a little bit. That is a slight concern for us because we want to continue to push the game and get after it. It is a bit of a disappointment for us and it's something we have noticed. We are trying to fix and correct and we want to make sure the follow up after success early in the game has to be better. I'm hoping that it will come along in the future. I don't think it's fitness, but for me it's just the mentality but we continue to stay focus even when we have the lead.
On how they prepared for the matchup against Harrisburg:

They have a number of attacking players that can cause problems and are very good in 1v1 situations. We try to focus on keeping track of them while we had the ball and I thought we did a good job of that. We could have done a little better but they make it hard on you and I think their record doesn't tell the full story of the quality of their team.
On preparing the team now that they're top of the standings:

I think we experience that often, whether we are in first place or not. Anytime you have an MLS club, teams are going to target you and focus on those games. Any time you play in Red Bull Arena the opponents are going to focus on having good games. Yeah maybe we are increasing the size of that target by being in first place, but we welcome it. We want good and highly competitive games, we want the other team's best because that's our best chance at getting better.
On if he and his staff are communicating with Jesse Marsch and the first team staff about Rochester Rhinos for next week:

We have played Rochester a number of times, this year and then a couple last year. We know them fairly well and we have talked about it but I wouldn't say extensively. Jesse is pretty comprehensive in his approach towards games. We have had some conversations and I know we will have some more. We have a number of people working and finding out what they need to know.



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