Off The Pitch: Felipe, The Family Man

Felipe, the New York Red Bulls 26-year-old midfielder, has a bit of a reputation on the field. According to an anonymous player survey of MLS players taken before the 2017 season, Felipe was named as No. 2 on the list of "Which player crosses the line in terms of discipline more than any other?"

But away from the game, he's a completely different person.

During the latest Red Bulls game on MSG, Felipe showed his life Off The Pitch.

Felipe, his wife Nicole and son Noah, reside in Hoboken. He said he loves coming home to his family and spending quality time with the both of them.

The two-year-old Noah is a Red Bull fanatic, sporting a full kit at times, sleeping with his jerseys near his bed and even putting his boots to sleep next to him before bedtime.

But despite his off-the-field family time, Felipe is all business when it comes to playing soccer.

"I learned in life that you can never show weakness," Felipe said. "People will take advantage of it. That's why when people see me, I try to never show weakness, so that's why I do what I do and play the way I play."