ACADEMY UPDATE: Red Bulls Academy Handles Continental FC Delco

U12 Red Tops Delco 5-2

November 11, 2017: U12 Red (5) vs. Continental FC Delco (2)

The U12 Red team topped Continental FC Delco by a score of five to two on Saturday afternoon. The first goal would come through Ackime Harris via Bora Turker in the 22nd minute. It turns out that these two would be heavily involved throughout the entire game, in both the scoring and assisting departments. Ackime Harris would grab his second of the half in the 27th minute, and give RBNY the 2-0 lead heading into halftime. A goal conceded early into the second half would force the U12 Red squad to buckle down and get back on track. They were able to do just that, scoring goals in the 41st and 42nd minute via (PLAYER) and Bora Turker respectively. Both goals were assisted by Ackime Harris, who was destined to be a focal point in the offensive third on the day. The final goal for NYRB came in the 49th minute through  Bora Turker’s second goal on the day, to put his team up 5-1. A late goal from Delco in the 60th minute wasn’t enough to cause trouble.

Starting XI

Ramon Camejo, Copeland Berkley, Chandler Young, Ackime Harris, James Reed, Maddox Ortiz, Logan Neno, Max Bronnik, Victor Signes Substitutes: Kaief Tomlinson, Nathan Worth, Bora Turker



Minute                   Score                       Goal                                            Assist

22’                             1-0                             Ackime Harris                       Bora Turker

27’                             2-0                             Ackime Harris                       Bora Turker

32’                             2-1                             DELCO                                       N/A

41’                             3-1                             PLAYER                                      Ackime Harris

42’                             4-1                             Bora Turker                            Ackime Harris

49’                             5-1                             Bora Turker                            Unassisted

60’                             5-2                             DELCO                                       N/A

U12 Blue Takes Tough Loss at Home versus Delco

November 11, 2017: U12 Blue (0) vs. Continental FC Delco (2)

The U12 Blue side put up a valiant effort against Continental FC Delco on Saturday, but unfortunately could not come out with a victory, as they went down 2-0. The two sides fought through some frigid temperatures in the first game of the day, and the breakthrough came in the 14th minute with Delco putting one passed Matteo Paolillo. Up to this point the game was fairly even, with RBNY creating plenty of chances of their own. They were unfortunate on the day to hit the woodwork twice in the first half, as well has have multiple shots blocked by last ditch defending from Delco. Paolillo was called on to make a tremendous one-on-one save to keep his team in the game, and would be called on again to push a shot around the post to move into halftime down only 1-0. The second half was all about momentum swings, as both teams had spells of pressure. RBNY had the last spell of this pressure, while throwing everything they could towards finding an equalizer, but Delco was able to counter off a corner and score the brace in the 45th minute. The remainder of the game would be more of the same, but neither team could find another goal.

Starting XI

Matteo Paolillo, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Nikita Dushkevich, Max Williams, Matias Gonzalez, Colin O’Brien, Peter Cardinale, Jordi Foca-Rodi, Joseph Priolo


Adam Basse, Allan Pelcastre, Justin Blanco



Minute                   Score                       Goal                          Assist

14’                             0-1                             FC DELCO               N/A

45’                             0-2                             FC DELCO               N/A

U13’s Win Convincingly Versus Continental FC Delco

November 11, 2017: U13 (4) vs. Continental FC Delco (1)

The U13’s had a successful Saturday afternoon outing against Continental FC Delco, winning by a score of 4-1. The scoring began almost immediately, as Luka Ohadike was able to finish passed the Delco keeper in the second minute. Delco would find a quick response in the sixth minute, and settle the game. RBNY was creating the bulk of the chances and dominating possession, and finally found another breakthrough in the 25th minute through nice combination play between Kyle Evans and Luciano Sanchez, resulting in a Sanchez goal. RBNY would get one more before the halftime whistle, as Evans and Sanchez combined again, this time with Evans being the scorer. Heading into halftime up 3-1, the 13’s would make some changes to the lineup and continue to push forward. Just three minutes into the half, Luciano Sanchez would get his second goal of the day off an assist from Sam Williams. The remainder of the half would see plenty of Red Bull chances, but failure to finish. The game was won comfortably, and the boys will look to continue this success against the New York Cosmos on November 18.


Starting XI

Dreni Idrizi, Luciano Sanchez, Kyle Evans, Curtis Ofori, Erik Ruiz, Kenny Cortez, Luka, Andrew Barclay, Sam Williams, Nicholas Sanchez, Gabriel Ruitenberg Substitutes Carter Smith, Sam Wenger, Andrew Armstrong, Alex Kozdron, Oscar Valencia, Ezra Widman, Jake Rubis



Minute                   Score                       Goal                                            Assist

2’                                1-0                             Luka Ohadike                        Unassisted

6’                                1-1                             DELCO                                       N/A

25’                             2-1                             Luciano Sanchez                 Kyle Evans

33’                             3-1                             Kyle Evans                               Luciano Sanchez

38’                             4-1                             Luciano Sanchez                 Sam Williams

U14’s Dominate in 4-1 Victory over Continental FC Delco

November 11, 2017: U14 (4) vs. Continental FC Delco (1)

The U14’s were able to breeze to a 4-1 victory in a second match of the season Continental FC Delco. Adan Franco would find the initial breakthrough in the fourth minute on an assist from Jack Krongold. NYRB would double their lead just three minutes later, as John Carlos Cortez finished a pass from Nico Beninda. The opportunities for the 14’s would continue to come, as they dominated the day in both possession and shots. In the 26th minute, Serge Ngoma converted to make it 3-0, with the assist coming from John Carlos Cortez. NYRB would grab a fourth goal before the halftime whistle, when James Lucas beat the Delco keeper in the 30th minute. The second half was more of the same, however, the 14’s could not find any more breakthroughs to increase the goal differential on the day. Possession was dominated by NYRB, and they were able to roll to the comfortable win upon the full time whistle.


Starting XI

Ciaran Dalton, Adam Havens, Jonathan Jean-Baptiste, John Carlos Cortez, Adan Franco, Brandon Newman, Oscar Bowring, Nico Beninda, Jack Krongold, Serge Ngoma, James Lucas Substitutes Victor Lim, Justin Chimborazo, Aaron Kurzer, James Cartier, Joshua Virgil



Minute                   Score                       Goal                                            Assist

4’                                1-0                             Adan Franco                          Jack Krongold

7’                                2-0                             John Carlos Cortez             Nico Beninda

26’                             3-0                             Serge Ngoma                         John Carlos Cortez

30’                             4-0                             James Lucas                           Unassisted

65’                             4-1                             DELCO                                       N/A

Red Bulls U16/17’s defeats 3-0 Continental FC Delco



November 12th, 2017:  Red Bulls U16/17’s (3) vs. Continental FC Delco (0)


The Red Bulls U16/17’s faced Continental FC Delco Sunday at noon on the grass field. It didn’t take long for the Red Bulls to get on the score sheet when Scott Taylor scored in the seventh minute after Saunders was able to feed him the ball in the box to make the score 1-0. The home side continued to press FC Delco and but couldn’t produce an end product for their hard work until the 42nd minute when Saunders got his second assist of the game providing a cross for Amir Daley to head into the net to make the score 2-0. To start the second half we had Matthew Acosta coming in for Amir Daley. In the 48th minute Esteban Molina came on for the injured Sullivan. The Red Bulls continued to push for more goals in the second half and had two close chances with Taylor and Saunders both hitting the post. In the 75th minute Bryce Lebel and Daniel Ramm came in for Balthazar Saunders and John Tolkin. In the 83rd minute Christopher Tiao whipped a ball from the top of the box that was deflected off a defenders head into the net to make the score 3-0. In the 85th minute Taylor came off for Diogo Rebelo. The Red Bulls finished up the game 3-0 with goalie Matthew Goodman making one save. This has been the sixth clean sheet for the U16/17’s defense this year.



Lineup: Matthew Goodman, Christopher Tiao, Scott Taylor (Diogo Rebelo 85’), Hamza Shehata, Peter Stroud, Dylan Sullivan (Esteban Molina 48’), John Tolkin (Bryce Lebel 75’), Amir Daley (Matthew Acosta 46’), Danny Jara, Balthazar Saunders (Daniel Ramm 75’) and Conner Maurer


SCORING SUMMARY                                                                                                                                                                

Minute:                 Score:                                        Goal:                                                            Assist:

7’                                1-0                                               Scott Taylor                                             Balthazar Saunders

42’                             2-0                                               Amir Daley                                                Balthazar Saunders

83’                             3-0                                               Christopher Tiao                                   Hamza Shehata




Man of the Match:  Balthazar Saunders

Red Bulls U18/19’s defeats 2-0 Continental FC Delco



November 12th, 2017:  Red Bulls U18/19’s (2) vs. Continental FC Delco (0)


The Red Bulls U18/19’s hosted Continental FC Delco Sunday afternoon on the grass field. In the 38th minute Continental went down one man after one of their players gained a second yellow card. JP Marin had a great chance in the first half with a free kick that hit the crossbar. In the 54th minute Jack Valderrabano came on for Jon Filipe. In the 65th minute JP Marin scored from a free kick about 25 yards out. Two minutes later we got the second goal of the game with John Murphy scoring from a low cross from Valderrabano in the 67th minute Ben Mines came off in the 68th minute with an ankle injury that came in the build up to the second goal. The home side continued their strong pressure but couldn’t find another break through. In the 83rd minute Anthony Rovito, Jack Worth and Michael Knapp came in for Skylar Conway, John Murphy and Nick Schimbeno. The game finished 2-0 with Frank having three saves. This has been the eigth clean sheet for the U18/19 defense this season.


Lineup: Matt Frank, Jared Julieu, David Philbin, Ben Bograd, Jordan Bailon, Nick Schimbeno (Jack Worth 83’), Skylar Conway (Anthony Rovito 83’), John Murphy (Michael Knapp 83’), JP Marin, Ben Mines (Habtamu Darling 68’), and Jon Filipe (Jack Valderrabano 54’).

SCORING SUMMARY                                                                                                                                                                

Minute:                 Score:                                        Goal:                                                            Assist:

65’                             1-1                                               JP Marin

67’                             2-0                                               John Murphy                                          Jack Valderrabano


Man of the Match:  JP Marin