Program Overview

The New York Red Bulls Academy Homestay Program provides an opportunity for talented Academy players to reside with a host family in close proximity to the Red Bulls Training Facility. This program expands the geographical reach of the Academy’s player identification network and places these players with caring host families within local NJ communities.

The Red Bulls Academy Homestay Program: The Experience

Opening up your home to a new “family member” can be an extremely rewarding experience. In partnering with us to provide a supportive, holistic, and enriching experience for a young person committing to their dreams, your family will gain much more than a sense of virtue and “good deed”:

  • Support the strategic growth of The New York Red Bulls Academy
  • Develop a deeper connection with the New York Red Bulls Academy and its future
  • Cultivate life-long relationships
  • Invest in young people and their aspirations
  • Showcase NJ/NY at its best to your family and “extended” family

The Red Bulls Academy Homestay Program: The Support

  • A dedicated education and welfare officer to assist your family throughout the year
  • To provide the link between guardians, host family, school and Academy



U19 player

"NYRB has given me an opportunity to reach my full potential on and off the field by pushing me physically, mentally, and academically. To become better, you have to be coached by the best, train with the best, and play against the best. This is what I've been blessed with the privilege to do. Of course, being away from your family isn't easy. My host family and teammates have been like a second family while I'm away. They've made me feel safe and very welcomed. Coaches and staff and have been very encouraging as well, always pushing me to be the best I can be."


"Our experience has been very positive. The environment provided for our son has been beyond professional. Sending your child states away is never easy. The Homestay Program has provided our son with a smooth transition into the program. Player care is top notch and the program has been very receptive to suggestions. The opportunity and attention to detail has been very impressive."

Host Family

“This program has really broadened our family. My two young children now have cool, fun older brothers, my husband re-connected with his passion for soccer, and my heart and home are full! We’ve learned from each other and gained a better understanding how to run our daily routine with athletes. We wouldn’t trade our time with these boys for anything! What a blessing hosting the players has been!”


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