New York Red Bulls RDS 2023 Summer Showcase

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Offering advanced soccer players the opportunity to develop their game on a supplementary basis, the RDS is the single most successful route into the Academy teams, providing over 95% of Academy players since 2010.

Staying sharp, and continuing to develop over the hot summer months, four RDS Summer Showcase Teams participated in a range of high-level tournaments throughout June and July.

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  • EDP Central Jersey Invitational Champs
  • EDP Summer Sizzler Champs

"NJ Nationals came out with a purpose and displayed great intensity from the start of the game. At the blow of the whistle, they immediately demonstrated how well they could press and maintain the spaces compact. It provided difficulty for the 2011/12 girls in their efforts to build and create. As the game progressed it was a close game (2-2), but the Showcase girls were able to maintain their composure and quality on the ball to pull away with the lead (3-2) to win the championship game," said coach Enzo Bertolotti.

2012 Boys

The 2012 Boys showcase went into each tournament with the goal of dominating both sides of the ball, always looking to showcase Red Bull soccer Unfortunate, to lose in their first tournament in the final 1-0 in a very tight encounter, and the subsequently missing out on the finals in their following tournaments due to goal differential (1 goal separated them from going into the final. The team showed resilience through every setback, and managed to draw praise from spectators and teams alike for their attractive style of play.

2013 Boys

Entering the Summer 2023 season the 2013 boys faced a difficult obstacle ahead as they entered the 2012 tournament bracket, playing 9v9 for the first time as a team

Through this adversity the boys were able to walk away with wins against top teams such as Philly Union, Cedar Stars, and Futbol Tech.

In the finals of the Central Jersey Invitational the 2013s came out short as they took a tough final's loss against Futbol Tech but it was all smiles as they showed pride in their efforts.

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2014 Boys

Coming together for the first time as a team and with only a practice under their belt before entering their first tournament, the boys had a tough road ahead of them to start their summer season. Despite the obstacles, the 2014 boys were confident in their abilities to perform and execute in big moments.

For their first tournament at the EDP Summer Classic, the 2014 boys came out victorious, winning by an outstanding margin. In the Central Jersey Invitational they were able to make it to the finals, but unfortunately came up short to a tough Reel Stream Media Group Select

In the final tournament of the season, EDP Summer Sizzler, they faced quality teams and fought throughout the tough weather to end their season with a 3rd place finish.

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