RDS Invitational Recap 2023

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Over the weekend of April 22nd – 23rd, the 5th annual RDS Spring Invitational returned to Red Bulls Training Facility in Whippany, NJ. The cost-free, invite-only tournament was back to its’ customary two-day event that characterized the original iterations, with the reintroduction of the U10 age group alongside the U11’s.

Despite the threat of rainstorms, the weather held throughout the weekend and the games played out under beautiful spring skies. In total, nineteen teams (and close to 300 player) joined the Red Bulls Pre-Academy Teams and competed earnestly and honestly in the spirit of sporting fair play.

Indeed, as is customary with the RDS Invitational there are no group or final standings, nor placement games. The goal is always to create a festival-like atmosphere where the focus is the process - player application, talent, and teamwork rather than the outcome – as measured solely by results. At the end of each game, team coaches selected two of the opponent team’s players for exceptional performance, effort, or sportsmanship. These nominations garnered points toward each team’s outstanding player of the day.

On May 20th each team’s outstanding player of the day will be recognized on field at Red Bull Arena during the New York Red Bulls MLS match-up against Montreal CF. In addition to cost-free participation at the invitational, every player in the tournament receives a complimentary ticket to the match to cheer on and support their teammates as they receive their accolades.

The NY Red Bulls RDS & Pre-Academy express gratitude to the following clubs involved for their participation, and helping to provide a positive and stress-free atmosphere for the players.

  • Brooklyn Italians
  • Ironbound SC
  • Futboltech
  • Manhattan Kickers FC
  • Park Slope United
  • Valencia SA
  • Manhattan Kickers SC
  • New York Soccer Club
  • Port Washington SC

New York Red Bull RDS Invitational Honor Roll

Outstanding Team Players U11:

  • Dylan Broadbelt / Yassin Elady (Brooklyn Italians)
  • Giancarlo Crespo (Ironbound)
  • Anthony Brocco (Futboltech)
  • Andrew Faragasso (Futboltech)
  • Callum Vonwiller, Landon Alberga (Manhattan Kickers FC)
  • Peter Ginda (Park Slope United)
  • Jake Gonzalez, Luca Agoglia, (Valencia SA)
  • Moussa Azala (RBNY-NY)
  • Cameron Sansone (RBNY-North)
  • Jacob Valeriano (RBNY-Central)
  • Omari Coke (RBNY-South)
  • Most goals: Jacob Valeriano (RBNY-Central)
  • Most assists: Lucas Feygin (RBNY-Central)
  • Outstanding Goalkeepers: Christian Habermas (RBNY-Central) / Callum Vonwiller (Manhattan Kickers FC) / Gurtaj Randhawa (Valencia SA)

Outstanding Team Players U10:

  • Gaston Bamberger (Brooklyn Italians)
  • Joao Passos (Ironbound)
  • Eli Dixon (Futboltech)
  • Sebastian Quvus (Manhattan Kickers SC)
  • Essien Kankam, Kaito Tokiwa (New York Soccer Club)
  • Liam Benun (Port Washington SC)
  • Liam Meertins / Yazan Mohieldin (RBNY-NY)
  • Mason Galan / Sean Hunt / Zain Abdelfattah (RBNY-North)
  • Roman Palumbo (RBNY-South)
  • Most goals: Roman Palumbo / Yusuf Rehman (RBNY-South)
  • Most assists: Roman Palumbo / Vincent Giaquinto (RBNY-South) / Leonardo Grady (RBNY-North)
  • Outstanding Goalkeepers: Liam Hani (RBNY-North) / Alexander Boaz (New York Soccer Club) / Manny Azanza (Ironbound)

For more information on how to join an RDS program or summer camp, and earn opportunities to represent the RDS Showcase Teams, Pre-Academy and Academy, click here.